27. Philosophicum 2024: 17.09. -22.09.2024

"Sand in the Gears. A philosophy of disruption"

Disruption, whether in the form of disruptors, unconventional thinkers, environmental activists or other disruptive elements - they all have one thing in common: they should disappear as quickly as possible.

But paradoxically, it is often these disruptors who bring about decisive change. Think of personalities like Martin Luther King or Galileo Galilei - names that are inseparable from our history today, even though they were considered outsiders or eccentrics in their time.

The 27th Philosophicum Lech from the 17.09. - 22.09.2024, is dedicated to precisely these questions. Here, these topics will be lectured on in detail, discussed and then explored in depth in discussions. You have the opportunity to take part in this exciting gathering and to speak out yourself.

The 2024 programme covers a wide range of topics from the fields of philosophy, social sciences and cultural studies.


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