Curling on holiday

Winter holidays in Vorarlberg

Alpine curling has been a popular form of winter sport since the 16th century in Bavaria and Austria especially. It gave a wonderful opportunity for farmers and craftsmen to pit against each other in a playful way in winter whilst the weather prevented them from working.

Social get-together during curling on the Arlberg

In the 1930s, the sport was so successful that it became an Olympic discipline.

In the centre of Zürs there is a natural curling area with the backdrop of the snowy mountains. From Sunday to Friday it is available between 15:00 and 20:00 for curling matches. A glass of Glühwein, a hearty snack, and plenty of laughter, the game takes place in the open air and is always very entertaining.

Although it’s not an Olympic sport any more, the value in the sport lies in coming together, chatting and laughing with each other.


Let the day end comfortably with the meal

When the lights are turned off, it’s time to return to the Goldener Berg above the rooftops of Lech. The gondola lift takes you to 1750 m above sea level where you are greeted by a wonderful “at home” feeling. Our team in the award-winning kitchens conjure up delicious delights for you; after spending time in the open air, you’re sure to have an appetite for fresh, succulent, hearty food.


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