Paragliding in Lech

Eye to eye with the eagles

When we think of winter holidays, crystal clear air, snowy treetops, and majestic mountain peaks often come to mind.
Let this dream become a reality.

The tranquil winter aerology in the Arlberg region offers beginners the ideal opportunity to try out Paragliding. Those wanting to take off for the first time can get themselves an expert pilot and enjoy a tandem flight over the Arlberg scenery.

Paragliding in Arlberg – An Alpine thrill

Paragliding in winter has its own special charm. Admittedly there aren’t many thermals about to enjoy long or high flights, but on the other hand starting and landing on the snow is really beautiful.

You certainly need a bit of courage to take off, but it’s worth summoning this up.

You are rewarded with an indescribable feeling of weightlessness and fantastic views: the landscape appears as if draped in cotton wool, the treetops and mountain peaks are bedecked with crowns of snow; it’s white as far as the eye can see as you glide through the air.

A tandem flight in winter gives you about 15 min of flight time. You can arrange your individual appointment for your day’s flight with the flight school.

Find out more from the paragliding school.