My name is Priya Maria Ender

Shaman and Indian Healer

Present as a therapist at Golden Mountain: 
upon request

Often our personal being suffers from stress, pressure to perform and sensory overload. Thereby we lose the feeling for ourselves, for others and for our environment. Together we find access to our supporting inner center, where we experience peace, strength, stability and harmony.

I support you through effective methods from the energy work of mindfulness and meditation training, in connection with nature. Together we look at your experience, change it, and thus create the conditions for a new way of dealing with your experiences.


Seminars at Goldener Berg:

Shamanic energy support
Duration approx. 60 min. - 90 min. / € 155.-
Duration: 3 sessions / € 420.-
Essentially, there are three themes that accompany our lives, mostly from the areas of family or partnership, health and profession. In a joint conversation we look at which topic is currently in the foreground for you. With the help of the ancient healing knowledge and the healing art of the Q'ero shamans, I will accompany you in recognizing and transforming heavy energies that have settled in your energy body.

Indian energy accompaniment 
Duration approx. 60 min. - 90 min. / € 155.-
Duration: 3 sessions / € 420.-
I help you to come into your heart power in order to create your life in health, joy and harmony from the source of your creative power.
By means of energy transfer through the laying on of hands (Shaktipat) and the application of mantras, we connect with the highest positive energy and together set profound processes of change in motion.
This enables healing on a physical, psychological and spiritual level.


Everything is energy, everything is connected. We are equally connected with people, with animals as well as plants and our environment. That is why it is just as easy - even easier than with humans - to erase trauma from animals and bring them into healing. This is usually done without having the animal in front of you. What is needed is a picture of the animal, preferably with the eyes, the name and the subject.
Charging according to time spent as above.