My name is Stephanie Straub

Spiritual coach, trainer and speaker

Imagine... experience that everything that seems burdensome or overwhelming today will become doable and even easy tomorrow. know exactly and trust that you have everything within you to travel safely through your hurdles, valleys and peaks in life. live trusting and heartfelt relationships in which you and others are equally important. are always connected to your soul, feel guided and can experience abundance on all levels.

And imagine opening your eyes in the morning and simply looking forward to the day!

There is magic in simplicity.

I will accompany you so that you can get back in touch with your innermost self and reconnect with your individual strengths and resources. In this way, you will regain your natural strength and be able to use it actively, consciously and in a self-determined way. Life's tasks become easier and you can grow with real joy.

By combining energetic methods, mediumistic work and coaching, I can provide you with profound support and guide your heart and mind on the path to your very own way of life. It's not difficult, it's all inside you, we just need to uncover it. 

So simple, so magical, so transformative.

Career & training

  • Starseed expansion with Birgit Fischer, POWERSOUL 
  • Healing training with Birgit Fischer, POWERSOUL
  • Basic trance workshop with Birgit Fischer, POWERSOUL
  • ®THEKI teacher with Sandra Weber, THEKI Academy
  • ®THEKI awareness trainer with Sandra Weber, THEKI Academy
  • Certified life & social counsellor with Dr Gundl Kutschera, Institut Kutschera
  • ®Resonance coach with Dr Gundl Kutschera, Institut Kutschera
  • NLP Master according to ÖDVNLP
  • Dipl. Mental Trainer with Karl Edy, Mental Academy Europe
  • Yoga teacher (RYT 200h) with Yogawege
  • Communication trainer with Tatjana Lackner, Schule des Sprechens
  • Degree in Theatre, Film and Media Studies at the University of Vienna

After more than 10 years in management consultancy and HR & cultural development in international companies, I followed my heart's desire to become self-employed as a spiritual coach, trainer and speaker. I work in a 1:1 setting, with groups and also design customised workshops for teams.

My services for you at hotel Goldener Berg

Soul Star Journey with Stephanie Straub

Do you desire a life...
... with a big "Yes!" from the bottom of your heart?
...that arises naturally from your innermost creative power?
...that is fulfilling, powerful and soul-led?

Then the Soul Star Journey is for you!

This journey is a journey to your light, your brightly shining, magical and powerful light.
A journey to your soul star.
A journey to you.

On this journey you will feel your soul power again, learn to understand your heart compass and unleash your creative being!
Ancient blockages across all times & dimensions will be transformed - from this life, your parallel or previous lives and from your ancestral lineage.
Your magnificent creative power will be freed more and more so that you can create the life you truly desire from the bottom of your heart.

Always guided by your guiding star, your Soul Star.

You will receive this powerful Soul Star package

  • 1 Soul Star Vision Session to clarify your purpose, your vision for yourself & clearly strengthen the connection with the Soul Star Chakra (as part of the 7 sessions).
  • 7 transformation sessions of 60min each + integration exercise.
  • WhatsApp/Telegram Support: Answering your questions between sessions or impulses for you - depending on what you need.
  • 7 instructions (pdf or video), meditations (mp3 audio or via chat) or impulses & inspirations (= your personal method box from my tools for your everyday life).
  • 1 Soul Star Recap Session of max. 30min 6-8 weeks after the last appointment for questions or reflection.
  • Soul Star Energy: I hold an energetic field for you throughout the entire process. This way you are protected and your frequency remains high and stable

This package is only offered online.

Dauer ca. 2,5 - 3 Monate (individuell angepasst) € 1,700.00
Soul Light Session with Stephanie Straub
  • Clearing: energetic cleansing
  • Soul Connection: energetic harmonization of your origins, your entry into the present life, including the connection of body, mind and soul.
  • Starseed Healing: transformation of blockages across all times, levels & dimensions
  • Soul Light - How does your soul speak to you? How can you live your soul plan more?
  • Recap Call: 20min reflection & questions after approx. 7 days

The session is divided as follows: 
180 minutes + 20 minutes Relax n'Integrate break + 20 minutes Recap Call / 200 minutes on site, 20 minutes online

220 minutes € 450.00



In hectic everyday life, it is often difficult to make smart decisions and maintain an inner balance amidst the hustle and bustle. But what if I told you that the key to this already lies within you?


Living with heart and mind


Do you dream of a life filled with deep happiness and inner contentment?

Then attend our "Living with heart and mind - the path to your wholeness" retreat from 18 to 20 October 2024.

More information about the Retreat