My name is Svenja Op gen Oorth

Mental coach, systemic business coach and trainer, organisation developer, change expert

Present as a mentor in the Goldenen Berg: TBD

There's no recipe for happiness that works for everyone, every time.

Find your own way to a fulfilled life. Intuitive. Courageous. With heart and mind.

Life offers more options today than ever. In your job and in your private life. That is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Perhaps you're asking yourself: Which doors are open to me? Which one should I enter? And have I already passed up the “right” one?

The good news: The path to your personal happiness is never blocked. And it's never too late to start. During coaching, I support you in finding out where your journey can go. With smart, creative methods and nearly twenty years of experience.

Together, we will discover your life visions and resources. And develop strategies to achieve your goals. Without pressure and at your own pace.

I look forward to accompanying you on your first steps.


My certifications & tools:

  • Systemic coach & Trainer (dvct certified - German Association for Coaching and Training e.V.)
  • Other Education/Certifications: Mental Coach, Team Developer and Coach, Management Trainer, Business Positioner, Career Development Coach, Online Trainer, Organisation Transformation Coach, Organisation and (disruptive) Business Model Developer, Trainer at competence-on-top

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Hahn & Löwe

Das sind Svenja und Alexander. Empathie und Kreativität, weibliche und männliche Energien in Verbindung

Hahn & Löwe - That's Svenja and Alexander. Empathy and creativity, feminine and

masculine energies in conjunction.

Work and leisure, feeling and understanding, Me and You. As life and business partners we know: It is often difficult to bring such apparent contradictions into harmony. But it is absolutely possible.

As a coaching-duo, we bundle together our expertise and will accompany you holistically on the subject of partnership. Whether in business or privately. Whether in individual coaching or with partners.

We create a trusted, empathetic exchange in a protected space. So perspectives can unify and a new balance is created.


Our certifications & tools:


  • Systemic Coaching & Training (dvct certified - German Association for Coaching and Training e.V.)
  • Gallup Strength Coaching (certified)
  • Other Education/Certifications: Mental Coaching, Team Development and Coaching, Management Training, Business Positioning, Career Development Coaching, Online Training, Organisation Transformation Coaching, Organisation and (disruptive) Business Model Development, Trainers at competence-on-top

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