My name is Bergit Sutter

Naturopath – life energy for body, mind and soul

"Health is the state of physical, mental and spiritual balance".

Present as a therapist at hotel Goldener Berg:
on request

Since 2016 I have discovered my passion for holistic health. With my extensive training and experience, I am well-equipped to support you. Self-motivated, I continuously strive for personal development and knowledge expansion. This inner drive leads me on an ongoing educational path, on which I always strive to deepen my skills and knowledge. Education is not just a target for me, but a lifelong journey, that satisfies my curiosity and gives me the opportunity to grow in many aspects in my life. With this dedication to continuing education, new horizons and countless opportunities for personal and professional development will arise for me.


My services for you at hotel Goldener Berg:

Singing bowl therapy with Bergit Sutter

Singing bowl therapy works through fine vibrations or oscillations that occur when the singing bowls are played.
Since we consist mostly of water, the beneficial vibrations are transferred to our body. So to say, every cell of the body is gently massaged, blockages can be dissolved.

The fine vibrations of the singing bowls dissolve tensions and the energy can flow freely again. While the singing bowls are struck, partly next to the body and partly placed directly on the chakras, the recipient experiences a state of calm and deep relaxation.

Ideal for: 

  • Sleep disorders
  • Tension
  • Stress
  • If you want a deep relaxation
  • If you want to come to peace inside

We kindly ask you to wear comfortable clothing during this appointment. The treatment can be done on the floor or on a couch - please indicate your preference when booking.

50 minutes € 98.00
Thai foot reflexology treatment with neck relaxation Deacidification of the body through the feet with Bergit Sutter

Acid is removed from the body through the feet with a special alkaline foot bath and gentle foot strokes. Organs are harmonized in certain zones. This application can be used primarily to stimulate the flow of energy in the body and to stimulate the circulation and metabolism. This application can be used for disorders in the meridian system or the internal organs, cold feet, as well as weakness or cold conditions.

Therapist Bergit Sutter available on Thursday and Friday upon request.



80 minutes € 147.00
Honey salt back treatment with Bergit Sutter

The Russian-Tibetan back purification massage supports the body in detoxification and deacidification. Special massage techniques such as plucking and kneading activate the metabolism. The honey draws out toxins and binds deeper lying waste products. During this treatment, the skin's blood supply is increased, and adhesions and tensions in the tissue are loosened. 

The alkaline salt additionally supports the elimination and is at the same time a peeling for the skin. As a result, your skin feels smooth, rosy and pleasantly cared for after this treatment. 

An alkaline wrap and a special heat carrier improve lymphatic activity and promote the removal of harmful substances. It would be ideal to use this treatment regularly before symptoms or discomfort appear. This treatment is a real jewel in the field of purification.

Therapist Bergit Suter is available on Thursday and Friday upon request. 

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80 minutes € 147.00
Hot Stone - Heat treatment with Bergit Sutter

The heat transported by the stones penetrates deep into the skin, the lymph flow is immediately stimulated, the self-healing powers of the organism are stimulated and the hardened muscles are made supple.

The conscious moment of relaxation helps people to find distance from stressful everyday life. Stress can have a negative effect on the soul, but also on the immune system. Therefore, the relaxation that is achieved here should help to prevent physical and mental/psychological complaints.
With this treatment, you achieve a deep, almost meditative calm, which the heated stone brings into the body.

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Partial body 50 minutes € 98.00
Full body 80 minutes € 147.00
Breuß - a powerful back massage with Bergit Sutter

The application according to Rudolph Breuß, an Austrian therapist, is a delicate but powerful back massage that can release mental, energetic and physical blockages by loosening and gently stretching the spine and sacrum. In particular, the Breuß is very effective for intervertebral disc disorders. Through the special application and by incorporating the St. John's wort oil, the tissue and especially the intervertebral discs should become elastic and supple again. 

Very effective for: intervertebral disc disease - heavy loads on the back - lack of exercise - sleep disorders - depression - tension - hyperactivity in children - pain relief. 

Therapist Bergit Sutter available on Thursday and Friday upon request.

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50 minutes € 98.00
Ba Guan - The art of cupping with Bergit Sutter

The dry or bloodless cupping is energy supplying and ensures that a certain organ will be reactivated. Alternatively, the vibrant cupping therapy can be applied. The combination therapy (cupping with massage) has a special deep impact. That way, the local tissue is well supplied with nutrient through classic cupping

Therapist Bergit Sutter available on Thursday and Friday upon request.

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50 minutes € 98.00