My name is Eva Föllmer

I am a certified Yoga teacher, mental health expert and am studying medicine

Present as a therapist in the Golden Mountain:
December to April

My goal is
you find more to yourself during your stay with us, to
reconnect with your body and bring mind and soul in harmony

Early on in my life I was confronted with illness and loss myself
confronted, after a long search I found my physical and mental
in the whole of yoga as well as in nature again.

Yoga lessons

Of course I would like to share the found happiness with you and invite you to start the day with one of my Vinyassa lessons. This is a Juicy Flow, which brings the whole body in motion. In the evening we will take it a bit easier with a relaxed Yin class. Yin Yoga influences the nervus vagus, which in turn stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, so you can let go completely. In my classes I integrate small meditations, breathing exercises and heartwarming stories.

Private lessons

You are also welcome to book individual lessons with me, in which I concentrate fully on you. I can especially recommend the Fascia Yoga private lesson. Here you will learn where your tensions are located or how they are connected to each other over the whole body and how you can help yourself.

Outdoor Program

Diving into the atmosphere of the forest is known in Japan as 'Shinrin Yoku' and is an integral part of health prevention there. Together with me you have the opportunity to dive into the gentle movement of nature and to discover, enjoy and return energetically to the winter wonderland at the Goldener Berg in a meditative way.

I am looking forward to welcoming you as a guest soon.