My name is Frank Seifert

I am a systemic Master of Coaching and psychological life coach

As Mentor at Goldener Berg:
Friday & Saturday - by arrangement

Holiday, free time in a wonderful location. This is good for all the senses.
The body, the soul, the spirit. To get grounded, find yourself and be at one with yourself, being self-confident - this is often easier here than in everyday life. When it gets quieter outside, space frees up in your mind and in your heart for yourself.

With my coaching, I would like to support you so that something good can develop in this free space: an assessment of the current situation. Say what is on your mind. Further thoughts.
Orientation. Clarification and clarity. Consciousness and mindfulness. A new vision. Specific strategies for change.
Fresh thoughts and insights are given new wind. Good food is accompanied by nourishment for the soul.
All topics are possible.

How it works. In a personal and (of course) absolutely confidential conversation, I will give you my undivided presence.
"Finally, someone is listening to me!” I actively listen to you and give you (if you wish) feedback on what I perceive - like the echo in the mountains, the resonance in the coaching can make topics more precise, helping to express feelings, to “get to the point”. I will support you in developing your own personal opportunities and possibilities to perceive your resources (perhaps anew) and to trust them. My coaching focuses on your potential. Our world is already deficit-oriented enough.

From my perspective, coaching is open for the practical aspects of development and change.
It’s grounding, brings us down-to-earth and includes the realities. This brings lasting results.
Developed solutions should, after all, not burst like soap bubbles at home on the first day after the holiday.
You can expect me to be fully involved as a person, with my experience and my knowledge.

It’s about being authentic. If I have an idea, a tip or a recommendation, I will share it with you.
If a "method" helps, I will suggest it. Before I wrote these lines, I asked my daughter what my offer should be good for. “For releasing bad moods” was the first answer.

If your free space is about to fill up with such a mood (perhaps because the rain has been falling for days), then I'm there for that too. We'll find out what it's good for. Coaching adds another dimension to your holiday.
I am convinced of this and look forward to meeting you. With ease and depth.

Training: I am a systemic Master of Coaching and psychological life coach