My name is Natalia Mechlinska

I am a certified fitness trainer and am studying nutrition and psychology

Therapist at Goldener Berg until April 2021.

During your stay at the Hotel Goldener Berg, I would like to offer you the best care for your mental
and physical health. I would like to encourage you to improve or change your life habits in order to boostyour health and happiness. All this help is offered as suggestions and is not forced. A holiday should give you the opportunity to take a break from the fast pace of everyday life. This is the best time to reflect on
lasting goals and ambitions for your health.

With my help, our menu will be adapted so that everyone has a wide range of choices, whether you want to start with new eating habits, or if this is already important to you. You will have the opportunity to book personal training together with comprehensive advice on how to move forward with your goals. All these services will give you the opportunity to try new things according to your own interests and needs.
My aim is to introduce a healthy lifestyle in a simple and encouraging way.

My services:

  • Personal training sessions, together with fitness advice and the development of a personal training plan
  • Advice on any problems you are facing and, if wanted, advice on how to deal with them or get appropriate help
  • Advice from the chef on the preparation of meals that meet the requirements of special diets and healthy meals
  • Promotion of mental health care by producing regular reports on mental health
  • For people who lack motivation, I offer activities such as jogging and walking together.

Certificate Natalia Mechlinska