My name is Sara Erb

I am mentor for self-confidence, courage and femininity


Present as a mentor in Goldener Berg:
each Wednesday - online

Are you already aware of yourself?
My vocation is to help people become more self-conscious.
How to become self-confident? By knowing and accepting yourself as you are.
When you recognise all your strengths and weaknesses and accept and love every facet of your soul, you will truly become aware of yourself.
Nothing else is self-awareness.
To this wonderful self-knowledge I will lead you step by step!

What is courage?
Courage does not mean that you do something because you are not afraid. Courage means that you do something even though you are afraid to do it. To do this, you should know how to deal with fears.
I will show you this with different methods from mental training, kinesiology and energetics.

Why self-love can free you from hate and resentment
The love for yourself is the beginning of a lifelong passion.

When you love yourself with all your heart, magical things happen:
You will no longer compare yourself with others - what's the point?
You can set limits and even say no sometimes - self-respect!
Together we will let go of your old burdens in love and forgive. And this feeling feels as if you are renewing yourself.
This is how you travel back home with light luggage.

Femininity and self-confidence - a powerful partnership
Self-confidence frees you from doubts and worries.

Are you searching for your inner truth?
Do you want to feel your intuition and not doubt after every decision whether it was "the right one"? If you let your heart decide and put your mind - problem solver and problem seeker alike - on the back burner, you will have no more doubts.
Let yourself be guided and put down the scurrying thoughts in your head. Enjoy mental freedom.
With a strong self-confidence you will listen to your inner voice.
But most importantly, in order to hear that voice, you must learn to tolerate silence.
I will help you with that.
Calmness stands for the passive, the Yin energy, your feminine part, which unfortunately is much too rarely appreciated. Are you ready to come into your feminine elemental power and return to yourself?

I am looking forward to you and that I may accompany you on your way to more self-confidence, courage and self-assurance.

Until then I wish you all the best