My name is Stefan Büttner

Mental coach, change expert, systemic business coach and trainer

As Mentor at Goldener Berg:
Online dates by arrangement


"In the mountains we are closer to heaven"

Away from the hectic stress and everyday obligations, body, mind and soul can recharge their batteries and come to rest. Regular times of inner reflection and the strengthening of one's own mindset are important in these times, which are characterised by permanent change and great uncertainties.

Recognising and releasing inner limitations, enables healing and growth

I often experience in my practice that people let themselves be limited and dominated by their own ego and their own thinking. People who rob themselves of their own possibilities or limit them very strongly are often unsatisfied or unhappy. These often unconscious behaviours, which are in reality directed against one's own nature, can lead to life crises or even serious illnesses. Inner resistance, smouldering or resentment have a strong impact on the body and the whole energy. The moment a person gets aware of his own limitations, healing and growth becomes possible.

Heart and mind can form a wonderful team

If we start to follow the voice of our heart and trust it more, we are also following our destiny. In this moment we become free and open ourselves to the possibilities that life offers us, and wonderful things and encounters can arise and happen. Heart and mind can form a wonderful team, with the heart taking the lead, making the important decisions and the mind taking care of the concrete realization.

"I accompany people, companies and their teams with all my experience
and expertise in their personal transformation processes"

I open and design a mindful space in which people can open up with confidence, then they can look at their issues in peace and quiet, completely free of values and without any pressure to justify themselves. Everyone goes his own personal way with his own steps and at his own pace.

My motivation - My personal experience

I am 48 years young, married and have a son. In the course of my own transformation and personal development, I had quit my well-paid banker job at the end of 2016, after 25 years of working as a private banker for Deutsche Bank, and decided to completely reorientate my career in order to follow and trust my destiny and my own path even more. My goal was and still is to work for and with people in an even more meaningful way and to use all my talents and abilities to their fullest potential for the best benefit of all.

I am already looking forward to an exciting time with many wonderful and touching moments!


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