My name is Tamara Mitterlehner

I am a mental trainer, channelling and spirit guide, allergy coach, opening the heart yogi and medium

As Therapist at Hotel Goldener Berg:
Available on request

The desire for happiness and contentment with oneself and the world around us!
Contentment is the highest form of happiness and wellbeing, and to achieve this, you can change the world or your view of the world!
For years, I have been supporting people on their life path with holistic energy, body and healing work.
I meet people who feel empty and burned out, people who cannot find peace and quiet and feel constantly overwhelmed and stressed by everyday events and their life!

Hey YOU!

I am a mental and allergy coach, human energist, shamanic, spiritual healer, soul path companion and medium. For years, I have been working with people who have problems of all kinds to support them on their life path with holistic energy and bodywork!

I offer you help in all areas of body, mind and soul!


My offerings:

Holistic treatment with energy, body & healing work

Duration: 120 min./ € 198

Getting to know each other and an individual process with a wide range of methods such as energy and bodywork,

Emotional release work, trauma resolution, past life regression, coaching, inner child, organ language, mediumship, clearings, 

Chakras and aura work, releasing blockages, grief work, goal-oriented help and finding solutions and much more.

I pick each person up at the point where they currently find themself. Just let yourself be surprised, don’t expect anything and please trust me!


Lomi Lomi Oluea Massage

Duration: 90 min./ € 135

This is a very deep treatment technique with flowing, rhythmic movements, which loosens and stretches muscles and fasciae

while moving joints and releasing tension. This releases energetic blockages,

resulting in deep relaxation at all levels of your being. You will be refuelled with lightness, joie de vivre and energy and will learn to 

trust, surrender and let go, while feeling completely at ease in your body!


Raindrop Massage 

Duration: 90 min./ € 145

You first have a 10-minute footbath in sea salt to open the pores.

The raindrop technique is a unique, powerful, intensive, detoxifying, immune-boosting and healing method and relaxation technique, 

in which very high-quality oils (8) from Young Living are applied to the feet and back and worked in using various 

massage techniques. They stimulate self-healing powers while strengthening back health as part of a feel-good

and unforgettable experience!


Medium Session

50 min./ € 85

Here, I offer you possibilities such as otherworldly contacts, trance healing, channelling and aura reading in order to receive for you messages from the spiritual world and to pass them on in relation to topics of your life.

We only see what we don’t have rather than what we do have! 
Every word, every thought, every feeling is energy and has a certain vibration. All experiences, traumas, beliefs, convictions, impressions, conflicts etc. that we have ever experienced, whether prenatal or postnatal, are stored in our body’s cells and fasciae and influence and accompany us throughout our lives. This can manifest itself through physical and energetic blockages, illnesses, depression, anxiety and much more, for which we have no explanation.


My goal is to bring body, mind and soul into balance and harmony and to activate your self-healing powers!
Using various methods, which I apply individually, we search together for solutions towards inner peace. This work specifically targets all levels of our being. Each person has his own story and I will pick you up from where you are right now!

I would be happy to accompany "you" on your path!

 Mental trainer, channelling and spirit guide, allergy coach, opening the heart yogi and medium