The Goldener Berg – the health hotel in the Arlberg region

Well-being and plenty of fresh air in Lech

Our health Hotel Goldener Berg stands in the middle of the idyllic natural environment of the Arlberg, with just mountain meadows and the peaks of the Lech hiking area around it. We are very happy here. Targeted exercise, a healthy diet, and sufficient sleep are the 3 most important elements needed on holiday to recharge empty batteries.

What is the meaning of life?

Why did I come here? Why do things often feel so difficult? I already began to ask myself as a child and, in my early 20s, went on a journey to find the answers through extensive studies and with many experts.

Shamans, whom I have been learning about for some time, believe in leaving this life alive but also in experiencing this life fully aware. Many of us are asleep even though we are awake. Shamans want to be fully awake even when they are sleeping. We can even be awake when we’re dreaming and know that we are dreaming. We then understand the dream that is our life and can bring more beauty and peace into this world – into this dream.


What’s more, we only see 2% of everything. Everything is connected and everything is energy - not only on this planet but in the whole universe. To feel this connection makes us whole. We live in the trust that we are provided for and connected with so many spiritual leaders and helpers that we can be free of any fears.

I have understood a great deal but have much more yet to realise. If you are also interested in finding the answers to these questions, I look forward to discussing this with you and can perhaps offer another perspective and bring about spiritual and mental changes.

Holistic health at the Goldener Berg – in-depth knowledge and excellent therapists.

I have studied this in depth with eastern as well as western experts – I know this and the trust in all that is grows in my being more and more. This is a wonderful state which evokes only one thing within me – deep gratitude for everything that I have been able to learn in the past 30 years and a great love of everything that is around me.


LEarn more

Be as slow as you wish and discover the various places with all the senses. Look at the landscape and let your thoughts go with the clouds. Connect with the elements - blaze with the flames, flow with the water and fly with the wind. Feel your roots in the earth. Enjoy your very personal TIME OUT.


For a long time now, we have been focusing on good, conscious, sustainably healthy living. This strengthens the immune system in the long term. As is well known, tourism in the mountains began with so-called "climatic health resorts". The dry and clean air and the exercise in it also strengthens our lungs. Our physiotherapist also offers treatments that are aimed precisely in this direction and also strengthen and restore health to people who have been weakened by possible illnesses. The whole thing can also be paid for by the health insurance.

HIS PATH - Be as slow as you like, feel the different places with all your senses, look into the land and let your thoughts drift with the clouds. Connect with the elements and blaze with the flames, flow with the water and fly with the wind - feel your roots in the earth. Enjoy your own personal OFF TIME.

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ein herzhaft angerichtetes Gericht im Gourmethotel Goldener Berg am Arlberg

Health on your plate – Relax on a health holiday in Arlberg

Our head chef conjures up menus on your plate that are rich in energy and tailored to meet your body’s needs, with vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. The freshness is thanks to short delivery journeys, and this contributed to the kitchens of the Goldener Berg being awarded two Gault Millau stars. Our head chef and his team match your meals to suit your requirements. Enjoy every single mouthful of local produce, with the lightness of the menu soon reaping its benefits on you. For ambitious athletes, our head chef puts together an individual menu to support your personal high achievements in a culinary way that depends on your type of training.

Healthy diet

eine Bergläuferin im Sommerurlaub im Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech

High-altitude training at the Arlberg


If you are a serious athlete who likes running a few extra kilometres, or perhaps someone training for a marathon even, then how about some high altitude training in Arlberg, supported by the 1700 m altitude, views of the mountains, but also with lactate measurements, blood tests, and personal supervision?

Up, down, and sometimes on the level, but at altitude. Runners can find their own limits starting from the Goldener Berg, running between 1400 m and 2000 m above sea level in perfect training conditions on 54km of routes of various difficulties around Lech and Zürs. Owing to the high-altitude air, you are sure to notice a significant improvement in performance after your holiday.

Oxygen saturation
During athletic training, there is a higher local energy demand in the muscles due to the exertion and thus an increased consumption of energy sources and oxygen. Depending on the intensity, this leads to a temporary oxygen deficit. This in turn, supported by the increased breathing depth (breathing volume) and breathing frequency, causes a surplus of oxygen to be available in the period after physical exertion and thus leads to better oxygen saturation in the blood. The great thing about this is that the oxygen can supply tissues that, under certain circumstances, basically receive too little oxygen. Oh, there are many processes that benefit from this. That alone makes exercise so healthy ;-) 

An example to illustrate this:
Person A: normal oxygen saturation: 94%, directly after 15 squats: 92%, after 1-2 minutes break: 98%.

Targeted exercise can optimise oxygen saturation in the blood, which leads to an increased supply of oxygen to the body and can thus have many positive effects.

Energy exercises

Energy exercises can harmonise any physical, emotional and mental difficulties you may be experiencing. This can, for example, include a loosening of blockages, detoxification of the energy system as well as the promotion of personal development.

What is important here: only you can heal yourself. A therapist can get something out or bring something back but it is the client who needs to keep this going otherwise they will only notice a short-term change and quickly return to their old ways. Tasks are part of the treatments. Each individual determines how important change and health are.


The Goldener Berg – A unique place of energy

Leo Hermann, our energetics man, looks after us throughout the year; energy chips free the rooms from electro smog, radiation, and psychic smog. In doing so, higher frequencies arise which spells wonderful relief for guests. Everything seems amazingly light, as last there is room and space to clear out unwanted clutter around your soul.

Feel great

Wellbeing in our Alpine Spa

With heat, water, or in the expert hands of our wellness staff, the wellness area is the perfect place after intensive training or a relaxed day in the fresh air. Relaxing massages, visits to the sauna or the tepidarium, or muscle-releasing swimming sessions in the pool fill every cell of your body with light and energy.

Our path, your way, our goal

Your health holiday in Arlberg

Secure your favourite room at over 1700 m now by sending us a no-obligation enquiry or making a direct booking.