Eat healthily – The Alpine taste

Tasty alkaline dieting in our hotel

We place great importance on the high quality of our meals and are pleased to say that we source our ingredients from organic farmers in the vicinity. Healthy eating doesn’t need to be about sacrifice, it can be more about mindfulness and awareness.

Our head chef is dedicated to the idea of healthy food that is delicious, and he works together with our experts on various recipes, dishes, and concepts. The food we serve is based on the GLYX principle, a pleasure for all the senses. What’s more, we were awarded 15 out of a possible 20 points by the Gault Millau gourmet guide.

Marion Grillparzer

A world full of GLYX

In a world in which it is predominantly men who write about forms nutrition, the GLYX diet is pure joy; feminine, intuitive, and inspired. We are proud not only to know the creator Marion Grillparzer as a friend, but also to welcome her to our 4**** Superior Hotel Goldener Berg to give regular lectures.

The successful author and “best known ecotrophologist in Germany” (Mensch & Natur, 08/2011) has written more than 50 books about nutrition and health and it comes as no surprise that many of them have appeared on bestseller lists.
At the centre of her life’s work is the creation of the GLYX concept, one that Marion Grillparzer has filled with knowledge, joy, and a great deal of pleasure.

Marion Grillparzers guiding principle: healthy recipes need to be simple. With her GLYX principal, she has devised a way of life that is healthy, happy, and tastes good, with effects that last a lifetime without the feared yo-yo effect.
The GLYX principle is a holistic approach founded on science that promotes health and with it brings weight reduction, a joy of life, relaxation, and exercise.

The GLYX principle stems from 25 years of experience in nutrition, with a handful of simple rules, sweetened with liveable healthy recipes and a portion of motivation, summarised in a really simple traffic light system. Everyone can put together their own individual dietary plan according to their personal preferences. And of course, exercise and relaxation play their own special roles. In short, it is a holistic concept that fits life well, and what’s more it tastes great!

eine herzhaft angerichtete Speise im Gourmethotel Goldener Berg am Arlberg

A way of life towards well-being: eat healthily in our award-winning restaurant in Arlberg

The GLYX principle

In the Johannesstübli gourmet restaurant we serve food prepared according to the GLYX-principle and in doing so we ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs each day, whilst you can just enjoy. Our entire team regularly receive training from Marion Grillparzer, and here at the Goldener Berg her principle underlies the way we cook, serve, and advise about food.


Alkaline diet in the hotel

“Diet” can have dreadfully negative connotations, and yet it actually really just means “way of life”

Everyone knows that it is important to strike a balance between acidic and alkaline foods. Our expert in this area is the holistic medical expert Dr. Töth whose interest lies in the concept of de-acidifying and detoxifying the body. He developed procedures whereby light quanta can be stored in products. In cases where illnesses display an inbalance, the healing process is considerably sped up by the light quanta in the products and applications. In natural medicine, they are considered accelerators of the natural detoxifying and cleansing process whilst supporting the regulation of metabolism and promotion of cell regeneration.

A world full of GLYX

Time to enjoy

Diet: a terribly negative sounding word, but it really only means “way of life”. Maybe we have made you curious and you would like to try our GLYX delicacies yourself? We look forward to your visit.