Hand in hand with our nature

At Goldener Berg, sustainability is something we live and breathe

"To act sustainably is to act as if you were in the world to stay forever!” When living sustainably, environmental awareness plays a major role in all areas. Therefore, sustainability and resource conservation are part of our daily thoughts and actions.

Holidays at the Goldener Berg mean maximum enjoyment, top comfort and pure relaxation in ecologically perfect nature. We take care to avoid things that burden nature too much. This resource-saving approach to nature is part of a more environmentally conscious life and helps us to recharge our batteries.

Goldener Berg focuses on innovative concepts to act responsibly towards humankind and nature. The natural environment is reflected throughout the entire hotel, creating a wonderful and relaxing atmospherein the middle of the Lech mountains.

The basis for all activities in the Hotel Goldener Berg is a commitment to the economical use of natural resources and the sustainable protection of our environment. This approach was taken into account when the hotel was renovated in 2018:

  • Since then, the buildings have been completely thermally refurbished and thus emit almost no energy outside.
  • The hotel is cleaned of earth radiation, electrosmog and negative psychic energies.
  • Our water is reprocessed and therefore all water atoms are crystalline again – this nourishes the body incredibly well for all who drink the water, bathe in it and use it in any other way.
  • The heat generated by the cooling systems flows back into our heating system.
  • The hotel follows an environmentally friendly energy concept with green electricity from renewable resources.
  • The building is heated with resource friendly district heating energy from our own wood chip-fired power plant in Oberlech.
  • Natural, domestic and sustainable building materials such as wood, stone and glass guarantee a healthy indoor climate.
  • We avoid buying plastic. Things that are still made of plastic were bought earlier and it would not be sustainable to now throw them away.
  • The Goldener Berg kitchen has been awarded two toques. We get many of our basic products from local farmers, some of which are organically certified, such as vegetables, salads, meat, cereals, juices, etc., which means that the added value remains in the region.
  • The process used for cooking is energy-saving and mindful so that the food remains digestible and nourishing.
  • Our kitchen only uses products that are free of genetic engineering.
  • The rooms have stone pine cushions etc. everywhere – these ensure a more restful sleep.
  • All rooms are equipped with low-flow shower heads and taps.
  • The linen is made of pure natural fibres.
  • In the wellness area, we pay attention to nature by using solar energy to heat all water.
  • The products we use for the treatments in our Alpine Spa are also carefully selected and some of them are specially developed for the Goldener Berg. Always in view: our home, the Alpine nature and its power.
  • Oberlech is car-free. We developed the tunnel system ourselves over many years and only use electrically powered vehicles to travel through it.
  • We are happy to support you with your journey by public transport, and in using local public mobility options here in the context of a positive CO2 balance and a CO2-free holiday in Oberlech.
  • We offer our guests who arrive by electric car the possibility to use an electric charging station in Lech.
  • Bath slippers: We think they are not suitable anymore. It is incredible, how much garbage we produce with them every day. This is why we ask you, to bring your own slippers. If you still need a pair, we will provide them from our front desk. Please let us all help to prevent garbage. Thank you!

We want to create the best possible environment, not only for the present but also for future generations, and to keep nature intact.


Daniela Pfefferkorn