The different methods and techniques

Our companions (coaches/mentor) use various dialogue techniques as well as different forms of help by touching points on the body’s surface. A variety of different coaching methods are used. In individual coaching, guidance and attention is given for steps towards personal and individual development.


Talk Therapist: Form of psychotherapy in dialogue. For more self-awareness and personal growth.

Mediator: Mediator in a communication process between two or more parties. Find possible, peaceful ways out of difficult interpersonal relationships.

Mental Coach: works with a variety of psychological conversation methods. Strengthen social, emotional and cognitive skills, mental strength and overall wellbeing.

Psychological counselling, mindfulness training: personality development, health and stress reduction are brought about through certain questioning techniques during conversation.

Burnout Couch: For people ...... who have done too much for others for too long ... personal, healthy solutions for everyday life are developed.

Hypnotherapist: Hypnosis is used for medical/psychotherapeutic purposes. Raising awareness of rigid thought patterns and traumas, and providing support in processing them.

Master Coach: combines different coaching methods in one technique. Full use of resources and lasting satisfaction of needs.

Business Coach: Learn resource-saving self-organisation.

Systemic Therapist: a method of conversation aimed at families and couples, in which it is assumed that each dysfunction serves a specific purpose in the system. Identify your own personality and develop tailor-made solutions for difficult everyday situations.

Cranio Sacral Therapist: light finger pressure at predetermined points to bring the sacrum and spinal cord into healthy alignment via the central nervous system. Harmonious alignment inside the body after operations, falls, accidents and shocks.

Outdoor & Environment Trainer: here, pedagogical concepts which focus on learning in/with/from nature are summarised. Promotion of personal and social competencies as well as independent action in nature. Recommended in case of improper development of the musculoskeletal system, motoric problems, risk of obesity and diabetes.

Therapeutic Touch: Variant of laying on of hands in the energy field of humans. Allow body, mind and soul become completely healthy.

Spiritual life coaching: consciousness-raising conversation technique in which one can recognise oneself as “whole”. Recognise and understand body and soul as one again.