For your health and wellbeing

Massage promotes blood circulation, relaxes the mind and muscles and helps to straighten vertebrae and ligaments. The various massage techniques that we offer are recommended for EVERYONE and ANYONE.

Thai Massage: Technique from Thailand – consisting of passive (help provided by the practitioner) yoga stretching positions, stretching movements and pressure point massage. Enables deep relaxation of the muscles, fascia and organs.

Foot reflex: Technique with which areas of the sole of the foot refer to different parts of the body and are massaged.

Breuss Method: With “gentle hands” and massage oil, muscles are reset, relaxed and loosened through the spine (intervertebral discs).

Hot Stone: Massage technique in which muscles and blood vessels are relaxed by warmth (heated stones).

Lomi Lomi: Hawaiian wellness massage treatment in which relaxation is achieved by kneading and pressing.

Lava Shell: Intensive and deeply relaxing warm massage with clams.

Ayurvedic Massage: the body is moved around with “soft, gentle hands”.

Lomi Lomi Nui: Hawaiian wellness massage that relaxes body and soul.