For your health and wellbeing

Massage promotes blood circulation, relaxes the mind and muscles and helps to straighten vertebrae and ligaments. The various massage techniques that we offer are recommended for EVERYONE and ANYONE.

Foot reflex: Technique with which areas of the sole of the foot refer to different parts of the body and are massaged.

Breuss Method: With “gentle hands” and massage oil, muscles are reset, relaxed and loosened through the spine (intervertebral discs).

Hot Stone: Massage technique in which muscles and blood vessels are relaxed by warmth (heated stones).

Ayurvedic Massage: the body is moved around with “soft, gentle hands”.

Aroma Massage: The Aroma massage combines targeted touch with fragrant essential oils to pamper body and mind. The aim is to promote deep relaxation and emotional balance. The essential oils are individually selected to support specific effects such as stress reduction, sleep improvement or energy stimulation. This massage offers not only physical relaxation, but also an aromatherapeutic journey for a holistic sense of well-being.

Lymphdrainage: The lymph flow is stimulated, swelling is reduced and the immune system is strengthened through targeted treatments. This
treatment is particularly suitable after operations or for lymphatic problems.