Specialists in a healing profession or healing method

Experts with various healing professions come here to give people energy and support them in personal processes in a healthy way. Different personalised modules of various holistic methods are used, which address the body (freeing blocked energy), mind (personal growth) and soul (holistic health).


Healing Currents: Jin Shin Jyutsu is a healing method from Japan, in which hands are used at predetermined points of the body’s surface to release blocked energy. For pain and discomfort.

Cupping: an ancient healing method of traditional Chinese medicine. A vacuum is created in glasses on the skin’s surface to flow more blood towards this area. Relieves tension, pain and other physical conditions.

Facial Harmony: deep relaxation can be integrated through gentle touch on the face, head and neck. Activate self-healing powers.

Mental Coach: Activates and stabilises the flow of energy with the help of light physical and mental exercises. Strengthens concentration, increases the attention span has a relaxing effect.

Channel Spiritual Healer: Person (medium) who can receive messages from supernatural beings such as angels, spirits or the deceased (based on self-assessment). A spiritual healer often also receives non-physical perceptions (ethereal phenomena).

Opening the Heart: Meditation technique associated with physical exercise. Opening and developing the emotional heart.

Quantum Healing: Ordering (the body is touched at two different points) the energy field of a body to bring harmony in health, financial and partnership matters.

Colour Consultation: Colour type determination which deals with the question of "What type am I?"

Kinesiology: Science of integrative movement, which creates and delivers individual diagnostics and treatment concepts using the "muscle test" instrument. Health & wellbeing for body, mind and soul is achieved through flowing energy.

Sound massage: Alternative medical wellness treatment which works with acoustic vibrations, tones, noises, sound and music. Usually has a calming, relaxing and harmonising effect.

Alternative Health Practitioner:  A profession with general healing practice at its core.  Various natural healing and holistic procedures such as homoeopathy, aromatherapy & many others are used.

NME Coaching: Nutrition, mindset and exercise coaching.

Neural therapy: anaesthetic is injected to treat and heal acute and chronic diseases.

Biological cancer therapy: a person's immune system can be strengthened by biological and vitamin C infusions. In addition, a nutritional plan should have a deacidifying and detoxifying effect. 

Energy Therapist according to TCM: works with methods of classic, traditional medicine, which treats the whole person and the whole body. Whole, conscious healing.

Cell-Re-Active Training: supportive, intensive method to bring about health at the cell level. Stable bodily functions and stable performance function.

Energy-based spinal adjustment: the individual is straightened up fully. This system clears blocked energy channels in the spine and nervous system.