Yoga is a life philosophy from Indian culture

An ancient system based on knowledge acquired over centuries in which various mentally, muscularly and meditatively calm states and thus relaxing health can be achieved through mental and physical exercise (gymnastic sport).

Following yoga styles are currently practiced at Goldener Berg: 

  • Yin Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga

For everyone, including beginners

Hatha Yoga: a balance of the body, mind and soul is sought with the help of breathing.

Basic Yoga: Harmonising physical exercises for beginners.

Vinyasa: Connection between body movement and breathing.

Yin und restorative: gentle, healing and connecting style of yoga.

Meditation: Relaxation technique, the aim is a quiet feeling of being at one, an inner wholeness in the HERE and NOW.


For advanced yoga enthusiasts

Yoga Nidra: Technique for achieving full deep relaxation with a clear conscious mind.

Nada: by listening (sound vibration & resonance) to THE sound, an alignment with the highest consciousness energy centres can be experienced. Chakras should open.

Kundalini: Exercises to awaken the serpentine power (Kundalini in the pelvis) so that it rises through the chakras in order to connect with cosmic consciousness (Atman).

Kogopakundalini: wants to make your inner light shine and strives to release personal potential and vitality.

Agama: arrive at the HERE and NOW from human origins, grounding.


For yoga experts

Ashtanga: synchronised breathing with six defined series of dynamic yoga positions. Experience deep consciousness and relaxation.

Trimuti: through exercise, achieve unity with the divine aspects of «creation, maintenance, transformation».

Ansuara: Body, mind and soul can be brought to a healthy inner balance through various precise body positions.

Alignment: Energy, lightness and stability can be felt through the interaction of breathing force and precise body alignment.

Akashik records: The vitality of the world’s soul is given to the body, muscles and organs.

Sacred Garden: Recharge your physical energy and align your mind in a healthy way through exercises in the “sacred garden” method.

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