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Please note that each therapist is only present on certain days/weeks in the Goldener Berg and can only offer treatments in this period.

Energy breathing with Sabine Maria Frei

Based on the archaic trance and ecstasy technique of connected breathing by Dr. Christina Kessler - Holistic Energy and Breathing (HEAL) - Kessler Breathwork

  • How does the connection with the universal life force feel?
  • What happens when pure life flows through our body and fills our whole being?
  • What happens when this boost of life energy is channeled into creative channels?

Yes, our being begins to radiate from within!

In connected circular energy breathing, the pause between inhalation and exhalation is omitted. Through this even, rhythmic breathing movement, our mind comes to rest and our physical and energetic system is flooded with oxygen and vitality. This enables us to detoxify on all levels, to let go of toxins and slags and to release mental blockages. At the same time, we experience an intensive reconnection to our inner core and to the universal life force - the energy that is available to all of us in great abundance and that powerfully recharges our systems. Blocked and pent-up energies are set in motion and make way for this pure life force, which can flow into all our body cells and layers of consciousness during connected breathing. The self-healing powers are activated and inner clarity spreads through us.

Participation in these breathing sessions does not require any experience with breathing techniques. Connected breathing typically lasts an hour and is accompanied by a preliminary and follow-up discussion. Depending on the topic and the desired inner process, you breathe in different postures and the breathing rhythm is accompanied by selected music. I myself will provide you with energetic support during connected breathing and, as a trained Kessler Breathwork trainer, will accompany you through your individual inner processes.

Please remember:

  • Participation in comfortable, airy clothing that allows freedom of movement
  • Bring a water bottle as it can get warm and the water aids with detoxification
  • Allow time to rest afterwards
  • observe the health requirements:

When booking, please select a desired topic for each breathing session

  • Connectedness: Heart-Breathing (ideal for couples & families)
  • Relaxation: Räkel breathing
  • Purification: Chakra Breathing
  • Ecstasy: Power Animal Breathing
  • Flow of life: breathe through blocked life issues

Conditions and Exclusions

  • Normal physical and mental resilience is a basic requirement for participation. The breathing session is intended as a self-experience and does not replace any psychotherapeutic treatment.
  • Persons with: pacemakers Acute psychoses

In the event of the following symptoms, everyone has the responsibility to inform to inform the therapist when registering to clarify whether participation is possible:

  • Pregnancy
  • Severe cardiovascular diseases
  • Acute inflammation or disease
  • Severe bone and joint problems
  • Psychiatric history
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma

Individual session or group session (couples, family, group of friends)

1-6 people with 1 energetic focus

Minimum age: 16 years

The therapist Sabine Maria Frei is available every Wednesday & Saturday on request.


for 1 person / price per person 80 minutes € 180.00
for 2 persons / price per person 80 minutes € 120.00
for 3 persons / price per person 80 minutes € 90.00
for 4 persons / price per person 80 minutes € 80.00
for 5 persons / price per person 80 minutes € 70.00
for 6 persons / price per person 80 minutes € 60.00
Astrological coaching – Insights into the personal bith chart with Sabine Maria Frei

Please provide the following details when booking in order for Sabine to prepare the appointment in detail: Full name / date of birth / time of birth to the minute / place of birth and country / current place of residence.

We are all unique - in our character traits, talents and life tasks. We are obviously aware of some of this, while others still lie dormant and undiscovered. Through the personal birth chart we can take a look into our innermost being, explore ourselves in depth and receive impulses for the next upcoming steps.

It deals with questions like...:

  • What are my character traits and the associated inner needs?
  • What do I need to feel comfortable in different life situations?
  • What are my strengths and talents and in which areas can they be used?
  • What am I striving for and where is my powerful life path leading?
  • What do I want to learn and master in this life and what old behaviors do I want to grow beyond?

In an astrological coaching session, I will explore the content of your birth chart with you and tell you a few things about it. At the same time, it is important to me to go beyond the intellectual level together with you in order to make your innermost energies tangible for you. In astrological coaching, I combine factual information with methods of energetic practice in order to bring the forces at work closer to you in a variety of ways.

The therapist Sabine Maria Frei is available every Wednesday & Saturday on request.



80 minutes € 252.00
Indian energy accompaniment with Priya Maria Ender

Priya has mastered the art of laying on of hands and through the simultaneous application of mantras, one connects with highly positive energy in order to initiate profound changes together. The focus is on healing all three levels - the physical, the psychological and the spiritual. It is about coming back into the power of heart.

The therapist Priya Maria Ender is available on request.


Treatment 60-90 min. 90 minutes € 155.00
3 sessions 90 minutes € 420.00
Shamanic energy support with Priya Maria Ender

Most of the time you are accompanied in life by three topics - family, health and work. Together we will discuss which is currently the focus. As an initiate of the ancient healing knowledge and healing art of the Q'ero shamans, Priya accompanies you in recognizing and transforming the heavy energies that have settled in your body.

The therapist Priya Maria Ender is available on request.


Treatment 60-90 min. 90 minutes € 155.00
3 sessions 90 minutes € 420.00
Alpine bathing with Daniela Pfefferkorn

Fascinating excursion into the nature with breathing techniques, meditation and awareness training.


180 minutes € 180.00
Nutritional counseling with Daniela Pfefferkorn

Talk aboiut where you are now, where maybe the shoe pinches and which nutrition you can definitely lead to an increased well-being in your temple - your body.


50 minutes € 120.00
Extractions - draining of external power with Daniela Pfefferkorn

Most people are occupied from their childhood but also from past lives with energies that partially or completely deprive the power for the life here. These can be removed on all levels to restore the energy flow in the body and in life.


120 minutes € 180.00
Soul retrieval - reintegrating lost soul parts with Daniela Pfefferkorn

With great traumas, which we all experience and have experienced in past lives, a healthy part of the soul splits off and we feel incomplete. We bring this part back to you so that you feel whole again.


120 minutes € 180.00
Oracle reading with Daniela Pfefferkorn

Do you have an important question? Do you want to change something in your life? What's stopping you? The stone oracle gives you important information and can already set something in motion.


50 minutes € 120.00
Work with the ancestors with Daniela Pfefferkorn

Our ancestors give us our life. Often, however, they still explain to us in adulthood energetically where it goes for us. We learn to lead them back to their own destiny and are free to go our own way.


120 minutes € 180.00
Find your purpose in life with Daniela Pfefferkorn

What did I come into this life for? What is my destiny, where is my journey going? This destiny can be tracked and re-integrated in order to be able to go straight on the path to your own happiness.


30 minutes € 60.00
Thai massage with Grete Vunukainen

A form of tissue stimulation from Thailand. It involves stimulating the body through extensive stretching and mobilization.



50 minutes € 114.00
80 minutes € 132.00
Kunye massage with Grete Vunukainen

Tibetan Kunye massage is an ancient therapeutic massage form and officially part of the system of traditional Tibetan medicine. The two parts of the name, Ku and Nye, translate to "apply oil to the body" (Ku) and "massage the body" (Nye), and this is how this massage treatment actually works.



80 minutes € 132.00
Traditional Thai massage with Mariia Boichenko (Maria Jee)

A form of tissue stimulation from Thailand. The body is stimulated through extensive stretching and mobilization.    



60 minutes € 114.00
Ashtanga / Hatha & Vinyasa Flow with Mariia Boichenko (Maria Jee)

Ashtanga: A very powerful, dynamic direction. All parts of the body are activated and stretched.

Hatha & Vinyasa: Hatha Yoga includes asanas as well as movement sequences (Vinyasa or Flow), breathing exercises (Pranayama), mental relaxation techniques and meditation.


60 minutes € 98.00
Thai foot reflexology treatment with neck relaxation Deacidification of the body through the feet with Mariia Boichenko (Maria Lee)

Acid is removed from the body through the feet with a special alkaline foot bath and gentle foot strokes. Organs are harmonized in certain zones. This application can be used primarily to stimulate the flow of energy in the body and to stimulate the circulation and metabolism. This application can be used for disorders in the meridian system or the internal organs, cold feet, as well as weakness or cold conditions.


80 minutes € 132.00
Honey and salt back treatment with Bergit Sutter

The Russian-Tibetan back purification massage supports the body’s detoxification and deacidification. Special massaging movements like plucking and kneading of the skin activate the metabolism. The honey pulls out toxic substances and absorbs underlying slags. The treatment increases the skin’s blood circulation, adhesions and tensions in the tissue will be released. The alkaline salt supports the excretion and is a skin peeling at the same time. Therefore, the skin feels smooth, rosy and pleasantly neat after the treatment. An alkaline compress and a special heat carrier improve the lymph activity and support the removal of pollutants. This treatment is ideally applied regularly, before symptoms or complaints occur. This procedure is a true gem in the field of purification.


80 minutes € 132.00
Thai foot reflexology treatment including neck relaxation with Bergit Sutter

De-acidification of the body over the feet

With a special alkaline foot bath and gentle caressing of the feet, acid is removed from the body. In certain areas, organs will thereby be harmonized. This treatment can primarily be used to encourage the body’s energy flow and to stimulate the circulation and the metabolism. In case of disturbances in the meridian system or the internal organs, cold feet or weakness and coldness conditions – this treatment can be applied.

Read more about the therapist here

80 minutes € 132.00
Hot Stone - Heat treatment with Bergit Sutter

The heat transported by the stones penetrates deep into the skin, the lymph flow is immediately stimulated, the self-healing powers of the organism are stimulated and the hardened muscles are made supple.

The conscious moment of relaxation helps people to find distance from stressful everyday life. Stress can have a negative effect on the soul, but also on the immune system. Therefore, the relaxation that is achieved here should help to prevent physical and mental/psychological complaints.
With this treatment, you achieve a deep, almost meditative calm, which the heated stone brings into the body.

Read more about the therapist here

Partial body 50 minutes € 94.00
Full body 80 minutes € 132.00
Singing bowl therapy with Bergit Sutter

The sound massage is not only perceived through the ears; it reaches every cell of the body and makes them vibrate. The sound envelops and breezes around you like a summer wind, while flowing through you like a river at same time. Gently but wonderfully powerful, it brings you into a state of deep relaxation - beneficial for body, mind and soul. 
Your mind comes to rest, deep relaxation and stress relief occurs, tensions are released and much more.
The therapist Carmen Aberer is also here for you on  Thursday and Friday.
Read more about the therapist here

50 minutes € 89.00
Breuß with Bergit Sutter

This treatment, according to Rudolph Breuß, an Austrian therapist, is a sensitive but powerful back massage, which can loosen spiritual energetic and physical blockades through gentle stretching of the spinal column and the sacral bone. The Breuß treatment is particularly effective for: herniated discs, strong strains of the back, lack of movement, sleeping disorders, depressions, tensions, hyperactivity of children, pain relief.

Read more about the therapist here

50 minutes € 94.00
Ba Guan - The art of cupping with Bergit Sutter

The dry or bloodless cupping is energy supplying and ensures that a certain organ will be reactivated. Alternatively, the vibrant cupping therapy can be applied. The combination therapy (cupping with massage) has a special deep impact. That way, the local tissue is well supplied with nutrient through classic cupping

Read more about the therapist here

50 minutes € 94.00
Healing currents (Jin Shin Jyutsu) - Healing with your own hands with Bergit Sutter

Pain and discomfort let us automatically lay our hands on the respective points and on the important energy points of the body. This imposition of hands harmonizes the body’s energy flows and loosens energy blockades or jams. A whole new well-being and the improvement of your physical, mental and spiritual health are the pleasant result.

The 26 energy points of the healing flow are areas, where blockades usually occur. Additionally, possible energy jams of the surrounding body parts can be released at these points.

Read more about the therapist here

80 minutes € 164.00

The different methods and techniques of our mentors


Our coaches use various dialogue techniques as well as different forms of help by touching points on the body’s surface. A variety of different therapeutic methods are used. In individual coaching, guidance and impetus is given for steps towards personal and individual development.