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Please note that each therapist is only present on certain days/weeks in the Goldener Berg and can only offer treatments in this period.

Honey and salt back treatment with Bergit Sutter

The Russian-Tibetan back purification massage supports the body’s detoxification and deacidification. Special massaging movements like plucking and kneading of the skin activate the metabolism. The honey pulls out toxic substances and absorbs underlying slags. The treatment increases the skin’s blood circulation, adhesions and tensions in the tissue will be released. The alkaline salt supports the excretion and is a skin peeling at the same time. Therefore, the skin feels smooth, rosy and pleasantly neat after the treatment. An alkaline compress and a special heat carrier improve the lymph activity and support the removal of pollutants. This treatment is ideally applied regularly, before symptoms or complaints occur. This procedure is a true gem in the field of purification.


80 minutes € 168.00
Thai foot reflexology treatment including neck relaxation with Bergit Sutter

De-acidification of the body over the feet

With a special alkaline foot bath and gentle caressing of the feet, acid is removed from the body. In certain areas, organs will thereby be harmonized. This treatment can primarily be used to encourage the body’s energy flow and to stimulate the circulation and the metabolism. In case of disturbances in the meridian system or the internal organs, cold feet or weakness and coldness conditions – this treatment can be applied.

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80 minutes € 164.00
Hot Stone - Heat treatment with Bergit Sutter

The heat transported by the stones penetrates deep into the skin, the lymph flow is immediately stimulated, the self-healing powers of the organism are stimulated and the hardened muscles are made supple.

The conscious moment of relaxation helps people to find distance from stressful everyday life. Stress can have a negative effect on the soul, but also on the immune system. Therefore, the relaxation that is achieved here should help to prevent physical and mental/psychological complaints.
With this treatment, you achieve a deep, almost meditative calm, which the heated stone brings into the body.

Therapist Bergit Sutter is also here for you on Thursdays. 
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Partial body 50 minutes € 105.00
Full body 80 minutes € 164.00
Crystal treatment with Tamara Mitterlehner

I use rock crystals for this wellness treatment. It helps to release negative energies and blockages, the meridians are activated, chakras and aura are cleansed and activated and the positive is strengthened. Energy can flow freely again, and this treatment is very relaxing, beneficial and harmonising!

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50 minutes € 98.00
Holistic treatment with Tamara Mitterlehner

Holistic treatment with getting to know each other, individual process with different method applications, energy and bodywork, emotional release massage (dressed), coaching, inner child, organ language, mediality, regressions, releasing energetic blockages, bringing the energy body into a restful and calm state and adaptation to the client’s respective situation, since everybody has their own story which they bring along and no treatment is the same.
Just let yourself be surprised, don’t expect anything and please trust me! You will feel very comfortable in your body afterwards, full of lightness, gratitude, peace and calm!

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130 minutes € 198.00
Breuß with Bergit Sutter

This treatment according to Rudolph Breuß, an Austrian therapist, is a sensitive but powerful back massage, which can release mental, energetic and physical blockages by loosening and gently stretching the spine and sacrum. In particular, Breuß is very effective for intervertebral disc problems. Through the special treatment and the massaged in St. John's wort oil, the tissue, and especially the intervertebral discs, should become elastic and smooth again.

Very effective for: intervertebral disc problems – heavy back strain – lack of exercise – sleep disorders – depression – tension – hyperactivity in children – pain relief. 

The therapist Bergit Sutter is also here for you on  Thursday. 
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50 minutes € 105.00
Ba Guan - The art of cupping with Bergit Sutter

Dry or bloodless cupping is energising and causes a certain organ to be reactivated. Alternatively, pulsating cupping therapy is also used. This combination therapy (cupping with massage) has a particularly deep effect. The tissue is then better supplied with nutrients locally through classical cupping.

The therapist Bergit Sutteris also here for you on Thursday. 
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50 minutes € 105.00
Healing currents (Jin Shin Jyutsu) - Healing with your own hands with Bergit Sutter

When we have pain or discomfort, we automatically place our hands not only on the relevant spot, but also on important energy points of the body. This laying of hands harmonises the energy flows of the body and releases energy blockages or energy accumulations. The pleasant result is a new feeling of wellbeing and improved health on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

The 26 energy points of the healing currents are places where such blockages usually occur frequently. It is also precisely at these points that possible energy blockages in surrounding areas of the body can be released.

The therapist Bergit Sutter is also here for you on Thursday. 
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80 minutes € 164.00

The different methods and techniques of our mentors


Our coaches use various dialogue techniques as well as different forms of help by touching points on the body’s surface. A variety of different therapeutic methods are used. In individual coaching, guidance and impetus is given for steps towards personal and individual development.