Your radiant beauty comes from the inside

If we feel great, our eyes shine, and our faces smooth themselves. In our beauty treatments, we focus on your natural beauty and work with appropriate care products.

Almstern – Our hotel’s own natural series of care products

Well-being with the power of the Alps. Our Almstern care line was developed by the Pfefferkorn family in collaboration with experts, breating a series of well-being products that contain 100% natural ingredients. Carefully selected plants and oils from the Alps, a treasury of experience going back centuries, and modern scientific knowledge are the secrets of our success.

Young living essential oils

Precious oils are pure natural products that promote well-being and quality of life. The different fragrances affect all levels of body, soul, and spirit and give a sense of release. We also use medicinal fragrances such as chamomile, lavender, and rosemary to promote your sense of well-being.

Applications according to Dr. Ewald Töth

Dr. med. Ewald Töth developed concepts for de-acidifying and de-detoxifying the body. Light quanta (photons) convey essential energy to cells and are therefore a foundation of holistic health. The scientist developed a process that stores these light quanta in products.

Where illnesses show an inbalance, recovery can be considerably accelerated by using light quanta in products and applications. They act as a natural remedy, accelerating natural detoxifying and cleansing processes whilst supporting regulation of metabolism and the promotion of cell regeneration.

Then, radiantly beautiful you can head to our gourmet restaurants for your evening meal. Wonderful!