Your radiant beauty comes from the inside

If we feel great, our eyes shine, and our faces smooth themselves. In our beauty treatments, we focus on your natural beauty and work with appropriate care products.

Alpin Spa - Medical pedicure with base footbath

Medical and cosmetic foot care provides relief for swollen, itching or burning feet, blisters, athlete's foot, corns and thickened or ingrown nails. Bases foot bath, foot peeling, pedicure, nail care and foot massage.

50 minutes € 97.00
Alpin Spa - Manicure

Hand bath, hand peeling, manicure, nail care and hand massage.

50 minutes € 97.00
Alpin Spa - Nail varnishing

(incl. 5ml nail polish flask)

20 minutes € 39.00
Alpin Spa - Bright Eyes
Eyebrow tinting 30 minutes € 58.00
Eyelash tinting 30 minutes € 58.00
Eyebrow plucking 30 minutes € 58.00
Alpin Spa - Depilation
Upper lip 15 minutes € 29.00
Chin 15 minutes € 29.00
Leg to knee 30 minutes € 58.00
Whole leg 60 minutes € 113.00
Bikini zone 30 minutes € 58.00
Armpits 20 minutes € 38.00
Pick me up

Almstern beauty package.
(dry skin, impure skin, sensitive skin, mature skin)

50 minutes € 129.00
Fountain of Youth

Almstern's rejuvenating treatment.
(dry skin, impure skin, sensitive skin, mature skin)

80 minutes € 191.00
Pure indulgence

A facial massage with the Swiss stone pine massage hearts. 10-20 min
(dry skin, impure skin, sensitive skin, mature skin)

10 minutes € 73.00
Eye Wonder

The Almstern eye mask & eye pads treatment gives you a fresh and rested appearance. By moisturizing and firming the skin, this application helps to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes. A combination of facial treatment and Eye Wonder is recommended.
A soothing treatment for the eyes. 15-25 min

15 minutes € 73.00

Then, radiantly beautiful you can head to our gourmet restaurants for your evening meal. Wonderful!