Well-being in the Alps

We use the healing powers of the nature around the Goldener Berg and use these for our body packs in the Alpine Spa. Each natural product has a different effect, beeswax and orange oil smell particularly nice!

Alpienne clarifying body peeling

For lasting deep cleansing, detoxification and vitalization. Regenerating with pine and honey extracts, clarifying with Biopir and amber or revitalizing with mountain arnica and rosemary. After the gentle, time-consuming peeling, skin and body are indulged with a luxurious pack which consists of lovingly handcrafted, powerful medicinal plants and natural substances from the Alps.

80 minutes € 155.00
Alpienne detox treatment

Efficient detoxification treatment with zeolite & intense honey, with grapefruit, coriander & black pepper.

Zeolite rock, especially suitable for purification and detoxification, is the basis of Alpienne Detox Treatment. Grapefruit: Stimulates metabolism, has an antiseptic, detoxifying, diuretic and fat dissolving effect.

Black pepper: Has a detoxifying, purifying, cell-dilating, stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect.

Foot bath and foot massage, with Detox Liver Pad and Detox Foot Pads

Treatment with Detox Gel followed by back massage with honey body oil

50 minutes € 125.00
Alpin Spa - baths

Honey - Pine - bath salt
Pine: the queen of the Alps - harmonizes, calms and strengthens body and mind, honey smoothens your skin

Pure - Spa salt bath wild rose - rosehip extract and mullein
Rosehip has a beneficial effect on joints and muscles, harmonizes and relaxes. The bath does not only lift your mood, but also provides sustainable, intense care and moisture.


45 minutes € 42.00
Alpin Spa - Alkaline full bath

An alkaline bath developed according to basic research in holistic medicine for deacidification, purification and elimination via the skin. Followed by a light massage with alkaline cream.

45 minutes € 42.00
Alpienne body scrub

Rock crystal salt and honey: cleans, nourishes, deacidifies and softens your skin.

25 minutes € 52.00
Sport and Vital Pack

Marmot oil, beeswax, gentian root, wool wax fat and olive oil promote blood circulation and relieve tension and cramps in the muscles.

45 minutes € 89.00
Pregnancy Combo

bath 20 min (honey-pine-bath salt or Pur Spa salt bath wild rose)
neck / shoulder massage / décolletage massage 25 min

45 minutes € 89.00
Alpin Spa - Manual lymphatic drainage face/extremities/whole body

Manual lymphatic drainage is not a classic massage, but rather a drainage that positively influences the function of the lymphatic system. The exact goal of manual lymphatic drainage is the removal of swollen tissue congestion. Through gentle, superficial applications, the therapy shifts the lymph fluids and activates the lymphatic drainage.

25 minutes € 60.00
50 minutes € 120.00
80 minutes € 180.00
Alpin Spa - Liver compress

We also recommend a liver compress during various treatments. This promotes
detoxification of the liver and supports liver function. 

25 minutes € 38.00
Detoxifying Body Wrap

The active ingredients of olive oil, bee’s wax and birch leaves with juniper and orange oil detoxify and drain the body and strengthen the connective tissues.

45 minutes € 89.00
Alpin Spa - Base Body Scrub

Serves for mild but intensive cleaning. Gently removes dead skin flakes and provides wonderfully clear and fine skin and is also deacidified. 

25 minutes € 65.00
Alpin Spa - Base Bath

An alkaline bath developed according to basic research in holistic medicine for deacidification. Finally, enjoy a short massage with alkaline oil, which is then preferably left on your body for a while.

45 minutes € 42.00
Alpin Spa - Basen Footbath

Fuß-Bad in Kräuter-Basen-Essenz.

15 minutes € 25.00
Alpin Spa - Alkaline trilogy

Starting with an alkaline body scrub, your circulation is stimulated and your skin metabolism is activated. Afterwards, enjoy a full alkaline bath that draws the acids out of your joints, your lymphatic channels and your skin. Finally, enjoy a short massage with alkaline oil, which is then best left on your body for a while.

You are welcome to purchase the following products used during the treatments as "souvenirs" to take home: 

- Alkaline foot cream by Dr. Töth 75 ml | € 26,-
- Alkaline mineral capsule (90 pieces) | € 44,-
- Alkaline shampoo & shower bath 200 ml | € 26,-
- Alkaline hair balm 200 ml | € 28,-
- Alkaline toothpaste 75 ml | € 14,-

50 minutes € 125.00
Detox Combo

Has a harmonizing and relaxing effect on body and mind. After salt bath and body peeling, the warm body wrap detoxifies the skin and gives it a soft finish.

bath 20 min
body peeling 25 min
liverwrap 25 min

70 minutes € 139.00

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