Lovely sounding words, effective treatments

Hot Stone, Relax, Sport massage. Choose from our wide range to pamper all your senses.
It is your time, use it to enjoy some wonderful soothing massage treatments.

Alpin Spa - Hot Stone Massage

The relaxing effect of this massage is increased by the deep intrusions of heat in the body. Muscle tensions are solved.

Alpin Spa - Relax Massage

The strength is to be found in serenity.
Enjoy a soothing massage that harmonizes your body.

Alpin Spa – head massage or head / shoulder /neck massage

A scalp massage can help to provide concentration problems and relaxes the whole body!


Scalp / Shoulder / Neck Massage 25 minutes approx.
Alpin Spa - Calf Massage

A pleasant and soothing massage of the lower leg area followed by an arnica calf wrap. Recommended after every sporting activity.

Alpin Spa - Sport Massage or deep tissue massage

The sport massage is a strong, stimulating which solves muscle tensions and enhances the blood circulation. The perfect start or end of a sportive day!

Alpin Spa - Foot massage with reflex points and base foot bath

Like a map, the soles of your feet are divided into areas that correspond with specific organs of the body. This massage mobilises your body’s reserves and boosts vitality. After an alkaline footbath according to Dr. Töth, enjoy the massage.

Alpin Spa - Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is primarily for relaxation, as well as to release various blockages and discomforts!

Alpin Spa - Hand Massage

with reflex points and gentle peeling

Massage for health and wellbeing


Massage promotes blood circulation, relaxes the mind and muscles and helps to straighten vertebrae and ligaments. The various massage techniques that we offer are recommended for EVERYONE and ANYONE.


Young living essential oils

Precious oils are pure natural products that promote well-being and quality of life. The different fragrances affect all levels of body, soul, and spirit and give a sense of release. We also use medicinal fragrances such as chamomile, lavender, and rosemary to promote your sense of well-being.