Explore nature in a sporty way

Directly from the hotel, there are many kilometers of beautiful hiking trails, which are perfectly prepared every day. Hiking - for me an unbelievably beautiful way to establish silence in the mind in a short time. Walking with our guide through the fascinating valley of Zug, in the silence of the forest and the colorful nature is just one thing: meditative! Love it.

Jogging or Nordic Walking are all sports that Lech offers - in beautiful nature, are quick to learn and bring a lot of joy to your heart. We also offer many of these programs directly from the Golden Mountain with our trainer Natalia. But also our newly developed topics like alpine bathing and tidal hiking are as well as yoga part of our program.



Compensation for everyday life


Come to rest: Enjoy nature in the silence of our beautiful mountain landscape - in the measured, low pulse range (pulse watches can be borrowed from the hotel).

Hike, 1.5 hours € 98.00
Hike, 3 hours € 196,00
Hiking, 4 hours € 260,00

*up to max. 6 persons

After all, our attention has long rested on good, conscious, sustainably healthy living. This strengthens the immune system in the long term. As is well known, tourism in the mountains began with so-called "climatic health resorts". The dry and clean air and the movement in this strengthens above all also our lungs. Our physiotherapist also offers treatments that are aimed exactly in this direction and also strengthen and make healthy again people who are weakened by possible diseases. All this can also be paid for by the health insurance.


at the Golden Energy-Mountain


Stretch Yoga - very exclusive

Through Stretch Yoga our yogini will show you how to improve your health, posture and flexibility, as well as relieve pain, increase blood flow and strengthen your immunity.

Unit 60 min € 98,-

The „5 Tibetans“

Our yogini will guide you through the more than 2500 year old exercises from India. With 5 Tibetans you will benefit from increased energy and calmness, less stress, leading to an overall improvement in health and well-being. Unit 60 min € 98,-

Yoga  in our weekly program

You can find more yoga offers in our Weekly program.

with or without trainer


Be fit, feel good. In the new fitness room of the Goldener Berg there is space and room to work out and to give it ALL. Then enjoy the fascinating panorama of the surrounding mountains - where can the training be more beautiful!  With various strength, stretch, mobilization and coordination training, you will be ready for the rigors of everyday life.

A personal trainer is at your disposal. Unit 60 Min € 98,00


eine Frau beim Fitness im Wellnesshotel Goldener Berg in Lech

on the Galileo©


Just 10 minutes on the Galileo© replaces a lengthy equipment workout in the gym! The fast rocking movement of the Galileo© causes a tilting movement of the pelvis. To compensate, the body reacts with muscle contractions. This activates and warms up the muscles in the legs, abdomen and back up to the torso.

Training session with instruction 15min € 29,00

Weekly program

In your summer vacation at the Golden Energy Mountain much is included: The breathtaking view, the fascinating mountain world, the clear pure fresh mountain air, the cordiality of the golden team and much more. But that's not all: Our varied and versatile weekly program also offers everything you need to really enjoy your summer vacation.

 Weekly program