Explore nature in a sporty way

Directly from the hotel, there are many kilometers of beautiful hiking trails, which are perfectly groomed every day. Snowshoeing - for me an incredibly beautiful way in a short time to establish the silence in the head. Strolling along with modern snowshoes on your feet, behind our guide through the snowy Zug Valley, in the silence of the forest and fresh powder snow is just one thing: meditative! I love it.

But jogging is also an option Lech offers in winter, Nordic walking and cross-country skiing - all sports in beautiful nature, which can be learned quickly and bring a lot of joy to the heart. We also offer many of these programs directly from the Golden Mountain with our trainer Natalia. But also our newly developed themes like alpine bathing and tidal hiking are part of our program.



Hiking with meditation


Alpenbaden – guided hikes with meditation
With all our senses we immerse ourselves in the surroundings, but above all in ourselves. Through this alpine bath, the heart is opened and touched. The sensory experiences are stored in the heart and serve as a source of strength for the whole year.
Possible participation according to the weekly programme or by individual arrangement.

After all, our attention has long rested on good, conscious, sustainably healthy living. This strengthens the immune system in the long term. As is well known, tourism in the mountains began with so-called "climatic health resorts". The dry and clean air and the movement in this strengthens above all also our lungs. Our physiotherapist also offers treatments that are aimed exactly in this direction and also strengthen and make healthy again people who are weakened by possible diseases. All this can also be paid for by the health insurance.

at the Golden Energy-Mountain


Through Stretch Yoga our yogini will show you how to improve your health, posture and flexibility, as well as relieve pain, increase blood flow and strengthen your immunity.

You may find the daily group sessions listed in our weekly programme
Private sessions may be booked on request

mountainbike, Sommer, Hanno Mackowitz

Mountain biking in Lech


Beginners and experts alike are in their element when mountain biking in Arlberg, whether biking through the Zugertal valley towards the Spullersee lake, cooling your toes in the crystal clear meltwater, or via the Ravensburger Hütte and the Stierloch Joch back to the Fischteich pool, the choice is yours.

Apropos cooling off: the Lech pool and the Spullersee and Formarinsee clear mountain lakes are just a stone’s throw from the Goldener Berg.

Mountain biking in the Arlberg region

Our treatments for you:

Tidal hiking

Living with nature is living in harmony with our own nature!

That's why we love the great outdoors even when it rains and experience the beauty even in such moods.

When the moon is full, we also like to guide you through the brightly lit night and end the evening by an open fire, into which we place our wishes and gratitude.

In summer, we also like to take the opportunity to climb a high mountain or even a peak at night to experience the sunrise with an open heart - a new day always brings new life.

Preis pro Person / Dauer: 2-4 Stunden € 25.00
Alpine bathing - guided sensual hike with Aileen Esé Aggreh

We immerse all our senses in our surroundings, but above all in ourselves. This alpine bath opens and touches the heart. The sensory experiences are stored in the heart and serve as a source of strength for the whole year.

Private Session 120 minutes € 25.00
Group Session 120 minutes € 120.00
Hatha Yoga with Aileen Esé Aggreh

When you practise hatha yoga, you alternate the individual postures slowly and powerfully. A hatha class also includes breathing exercises and meditation. Incidentally, "Ha" means sun and "tha" means moon. Yoga connoisseurs interpret it like this: yoga takes place when opposites unite. The flow is: slow and powerful.

Private Session 60 minutes € 98.00
Group Session 58 minutes € 25.00
Relax Yoga with Aileen Esé Aggreh

Unlike Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga doesn't focus on performing the asanas exactly. Rather, that the poses feel good and that you can hold them without strain - sometimes for up to ten minutes. So the point is to let yourself fall and let your breath flow freely and completely relax yourself and your body. The flow is: passive and calm.

Vinyasa Yoga with Aileen Esé Aggreh

You probably know the "sun salutation". Because the movements flow smoothly into each other, as in the Sun Salutation, this style of yoga is also called Vinyasa Flow. It is important that you synchronize your movements with your breathing. While this style of yoga challenges your body, it also calms your mind.
The flow is: dynamic.

Luna Yoga ®️ with Martina Mangova

Luna Yoga®️ is an old, newly revived body art and healing method. Rooted in the tradition of yoga, modern insights from psychology and medicine are incorporated into the concept. In Luna Yoga the power of the center is experienced through postures and movements. Starting from the pelvis as the seat of the sexual organs, fertility, relaxation and creativity unfold.

  • Enjoyable stretching exercises before or after skiing
  • Feeling good in your own body
  • Through deep relaxation the self-healing powers are set in motion
  • Simple and effective exercises for a happy vertebral chain, joints and digestive organs
  • Hormonal glands are gently stimulated and brought into balance

Therapist Martina Mangova is available on request. 

60 minutes € 120.00
Alpine bathing with Daniela Pfefferkorn

Fascinating excursion into the nature with breathing techniques, meditation and awareness training.

180 minutes € 180.00