My Name is Verena Sauerland

My personal path began with classical yoga asanas, but from the beginning I was also very fascinated by the philosophy of yoga and meditation. So I learned on my inner path in recent years different styles of yoga and especially breathing exercises and meditations to influence our energy.

A special concern of mine is the effect of sound. In the form of singing bowls, mantra chanting and instruments, all of which have an extraordinary effect on our nervous system and our brain waves and immediately lead us back to our hearts. I am equally fascinated by the world of breath, the simplest tool available to us anytime and anywhere to change our state of mind. I guide people through a special form of breathwork, Breathwork, an intense breathing ceremony that takes us into the depths of our subconscious.

My first training in Pokhara (Nepal) was very spiritual and energetic, further on I did advanced trainings in traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga and in Jivamukti Yoga, which were about the correct anatomical alignment of the asanas, but also about the energetic mode of action and about the connection between breathing and asanas.
In addition, over all these years I continued my education in mantra chanting, harmonium accompaniment, singing bowl meditation and Breathwork. In addition to private and group classes in spas and hotels, I passionately share my knowledge in multi-day yoga retreats and sincerely hope that everyone can take something from them for their everyday life.


What does yoga mean to me?
For me, yoga is a practice through which we find our way back to ourselves. From the coarse to the fine - Through the body, breathing and meditation, we can quiet the noise in our heads and thus create free space, peace and lightness within us again, to perceive what is really important to us and what really makes us happy.

Above all, our breathing and music are in direct connection with our nervous system and immediately help us to calm it down and bring it back to a parasympathetic state. In our increasingly fast-paced world, we need one thing above all else: the ability to self-regulate with all the stimuli crashing in on us, and to guide ourselves back into relaxation.

For me, yoga has a lot to do with self-reflection, with asking ourselves: Why am I doing this right now? Why do I want to achieve this goal? What is the feeling behind it? What are the expectations? And from whom do these expectations come? What do I really want? What is important to me? How can I connect from the heart with myself and with others?


Traditional Yoga & Breathwork with Verena
Make room for lightness and joy in your life. Through yoga, connect with your inner strength through your body and breath, so that you can once again perceive the demands of everyday life from a different perspective.

In the mornings we connect with our bodies through activating yoga sequences, do breathing and meditation exercises, and let the sound of mantras touch our souls.

In the afternoons, some days there are gentler yoga sessions and on others we dive into our subconscious through transformative Breathwork sessions. The Breathwork technique is based on a circular breathing pattern and is accompanied by music. In addition, Tibetan singing bowls accompany us during meditation and we learn during these 5 days how yoga can accompany us off the mat.

There will also be suggestions for writing and reflection questions that you can optionally work on in your free time.

This retreat gives you 5 days of downtime to find your center again and realign your daily life with your true needs.


What you can look forward to: 

  • Activating yoga sequences in the morning
  • Relaxing yoga sequences in the evening
  • Transformative Breathwork Sessions
  • Mantra Chanting & Mantra Meditation
  • Soundbath & sound meditation with Tibetan singing bowls and other instruments 
  • Various pranayama exercises (breathing exercises) for everyday life
  • Satsang (meditation, lectures on knowledge of the holy scriptures, mantra chanting/kirtan)
  • Reflection questions & suggestions for personal reflection
  • Individual support in a small group of max. 12 participants