Alpine Autumn at the Energy Plateau - About rich colors, crystal clear mountain air and pure happiness

| 08/26/2021

Companions for that extra vacation pleasure

Various yogini, guides, therapists and mentors from all over the world have gathered at Goldener Berg,
to be there for our guests. To accompany them where accompaniment is desired, to support them and to inspire them.
Experience a field full of new possibilities, strong impulses and working together. Take time for yourself - explore,
what you need to be happy and how you can best make it happen.

In addition, guests enjoy our diverse weekly program. We are committed to health and well-being.
And for us, that just means our guests can choose from a wide variety of offerings. Be active when your
body longs for movement. Rest when your mind wants to go into silence. And enjoy soothing breaks whenever you can!

Vacation with the dog at Goldener Berg

Dogs are soul mates. Connecting with animals is very special - they can be great teachers when it comes to being in the NOW and simply enjoying life. Without thinking much about it, live in the moment and share their peace with us - if we can let them.

With us, dogs are not only allowed, but very, very welcome.


What could be better than roaming through nature together with your four-legged friends? No appointments, no goals, no deadlines.
Just relaxing together in the fresh air. Around Hotel Goldener Berg you walk through beautiful forests,
past crystal-clear mountain streams and mountain lakes, along secluded paths and panoramic hiking routes.

We have decided to be there for you at Goldener Berg throughout the entire alpine autumn.
Let us spoil you. Experience the mountains in their most beautiful colors and enjoy culinary
moments of pleasure, pure relaxation in the wellness area and a wide variety of feel-good offers.

Book your personal ME-TIME at the best price. We are looking forward to you!

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"Autumn is the spring of winter."

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

We love you. The spring, summer, autumn, and winter feelings on the mountain!

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons for us. The age-old trees in the strength-giving forests glow
in glorious shades of gold and red, the surrounding peaks are reflected in glittering mountain lakes and the increasingly clear
air provides indescribable views. We take advantage of the time before winter to soak up the sun and energy, and to find peace and quiet.
Enjoy together with us these special moments of happiness accompanied by rich colors.

The mountains in autumn

The surrounding peaks seem close enough to touch, the beautiful nature glows picturesquely in soft shades of gold and red.
In autumn, the perfect conditions for endless mountain happiness prevail. The pleasant temperatures, the wonderful sun
and the fresh air make hikes and bike tours an unforgettable experience.

On beautiful days you follow the call of the mountains already early in the morning and roam through the magnificent landscape.
And on leisurely days, when the mist in the mountains creates a mystical atmosphere or raindrops clear the air,
you cuddle into your bathrobe and enjoy the soothing treatments in the Alpine Spa. Sporty active, pleasurable
relaxed and wonderfully quiet - an autumn vacation in the mountains makes hearts beat faster.

HERE you can find the most beautiful hiking tours in the region - and HERE you can dive into the relaxing wellness oasis at Goldener Berg.