Special treatments

Relaxation for all your senses

Fragrant oils, local ingredients. Sense the mountains on your wellness holidays in Lech, and do so also with the special treatments at the Goldener Berg. How does an “Alpine Spa – Harmony” relaxation massage sound, with St. John’s wort milk and warm herbal pouches.

You have a range to choose from:

Alpin Spa - Manual Lymphdrainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is not a classic massage, but rather a drainage that has a positive influence on the function of the lymphatic system. The precise aim of manual lymph drainage is decongestion of the swollen tissue. Through gentle, superficial treatment, the lymphatic fluids are shifted during the therapy and the lymph drainage is activated.

Face 25 minutes € 49.00
Extremities 50 minutes € 97.00
Whole body lymphdrainage 80 minutes € 155.00
Alpin Spa - Salt On My Skin

A relaxing natural salt peel with honey & Swiss stone pine to cleanse and soothe the skin. This is followed by a salt stone massage with genuine salt crystals and the sense of an unforgettable moment.

50 minutes € 97.00
80 minutes € 155.00
Galileo(c) Training

Only 10 minutes on the Galileo© replace a lengthy equipment workout in the gym! The fast rocking movement of the Galileo© causes a tilting movement of the pelvis. To compensate, the body reacts with muscle contractions. This activates and warms up the muscles in the legs, abdomen and back up to the torso.

15 minutes € 29.00
ALPIN SPA - Detox Combo

Has a harmonizing and relaxing effect on body and mind. After salt bath and body peeling, the warm body wrap detoxifies the skin and gives it a soft finish.

Alpine Spa - baths 20 min
Alpine Spa - body peeling 25 min
Alpine Spa - Salt wrap 25 min

70 minutes € 118.00
ALPIN SPA - Sport Combo

After a guided training session with Galileo © your muscles will be loosened by an intensive sports massage.
Afterwards you will be pampered and your skin pampered with a facial treatment.

Galileo © training unit with instructions 15 min
Alpine Spa - sports massage 50 min
Fountain of Youth 80 min

85 minutes € 145.00
ALPIN SPA - Pregnancy Combo

Facial treatment Dr. Töth 25 min
neck massage + shoulder massage + décolletage massage 25 min

50 minutes € 95.00

Applications according to Dr. Ewald Töth

Dr. med. Ewald Töth developed concepts for de-acidifying and de-detoxifying the body. Light quanta (photons) convey essential energy to cells and are therefore a foundation of holistic health. The scientist developed a process that stores these light quanta in products.

Where illnesses show an inbalance, recovery can be considerably accelerated by using light quanta in products and applications. They act as a natural remedy, accelerating natural detoxifying and cleansing processes whilst supporting regulation of metabolism and the promotion of cell regeneration.