Happy Faces at the Goldener Berg

Familie Pfefferkorn and the golden team


Daniela Pfefferkorn

The earth keeper

I was born, and I grew up on this wonderful mountain. Education and curiosity have taken me all over the world, but this is where my home is, where my roots are. It seems that I am assigned to manage, protect and simply take care of this incredibly beautiful place of earth.

What an honor.

My mission is to maintain this unique place of power, this place of personal healing, to ensure that the high vibration and the bright light can flow undisturbed in order to provide strength and joy to all the people who choose to spend time here. This is my true responsibility and I take it very seriously.

Extensive training and my personal growth process have enabled me to regain the knowledge and skills which are hidden within all of us.


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Our golden team

Gold represents the sun, the sun’s rays, warmth, light, and simply being. Gold is something many people are strongly attracted by and the same rings true for the team at the Goldener Berg. People from many different nations come to the Arlberg in order to experience an adventure, to gain new knowledge and to work with and for guests. And these are the faces behind it:


Markus Mathis

The philosophy at Goldener Berg - the human being in the centre - meeting many different people is a wonderful experience every day. To mix existing with enthusiasm with new ideas and thereby to break new ground. Together with an international team we offer our guests unforgettable moments in a powerful mountain scenery.

Attractive career opportunities at the Hotel Goldener Berg

Would you also like to become part of our golden team?

The Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech is looking for cheerful, friendly and committed employees who have pleasure in their work and enjoy teamwork. Take your chance and turn your job into an extraordinary vocation.




An important issue for our Hotel in Arlberg

At home in the mountains. Natural. Archaic. With both feet firmly on the ground.

We are very conscious of our good fortune to be able to call one of the most beautiful places on earth our home. Majestic mountain peaks surround us, offering protection, mother nature gives us new gifts every day; lush green meadows, ice cold mountain streams, fresh mountain air. In winter a thick layer of snow covers Oberlech, just like a winter fairytale.

We have made it our goal to live together with (instead of just from) nature and share this indescribable beauty with our guests. We often rethink our concepts and devise more sustainable solutions. We are very proud of what we have achieved already.

Teamcard - Lech Zürs

Those who work in Lech Zürs enjoy many advantages in addition to the magnificent mountain panorama.
With the Teamcard for employees, working becomes an experience: discounts on lift tickets, mobility, beauty & wellness, enjoyment, shopping or numerous events.At employee meetings you will get to know nice colleagues. In the Team Club you will also find answers to your questions or help with problems.

All advantages at a glance!

Local suppliers

We purchase our ingredients from local farmers, and serve these at our popular breakfast buffet and in our 4 gourmet restaurants. It's lovely to know the people behind the products, to visit the cows grazing on the meadows and to put vegetables fresh from harvest into our shopping basket. What's more, we source from local companies wherever possible. We endeavour to support families who work sensitively with nature and consider the environment.

Oberlech am Arlberg

Oberlech is car-free in winter. Leave your vehicle in the valley and enjoy the wonderful peaceful atmosphere in Oberlech. On the one hand every kilometre that is not driven is kind to the environment, and on the other hand it is very convenient for guests not to have to worry about parking. To stem the level of traffic throughout the year, guests are transported free of charge by bus.

Internal business measures at the Goldener Berg

We are committed to sourcing our energy in an environmental way. Thanks to a centralized biomass heating plant, we are able to remain oil-free. In separating our rubbish, we take care to be thorough, and our staff receive special training in this aspect. Our water comes from the Schwarzbach spring in Zugertal and the reservoir in St Anton provides us with hydroelectric electricity.

Natural products in our wellness area

In the Alpine Spa, solely natural products are used. The hay and moor mud are locally sourced, and the hotel’s own “almstern” cosmetic line is based on local spring water, Edelweiß extracts, and the garnet gemstone.

Arlberg nature seal of approval

We don't wish to boast, but we do wish to lead the way as a good example, and show that everyone can play their part when it comes to protecting the environment. We are very happy to have been awarded the Arlberg nature seal of approval.

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