The gourmet hotel in Arlberg

Simply delicious food!

Best sustainable & regional products; plant-based alpine cuisine by head chef Oliver Fleisch, all menus are made freshly & consciously; fit, vegan & vegetarian for so much indulgence.

Plant based alpine cuisine

As we know, the stomach is the way to your heart: You are what you eat! True to our motto: "You can do everything, but you don’t have to", we prepare plant-based cuisine with a focus on regional products from farmers we trust. Likewise, we use herbs from the region and some of the fruit and vegetables are pickled in-house. When it comes to meat and fish, we pay attention to species-appropriate husbandry and obtain these products as much as possible from the region, but never from outside the Alpine range. We process every single part of the animals.

Our focus is on people and all that is good for them. Created with the expertise of nutritionists for modern nutrition, you will experience dishes and menus that are cooked with love and inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine.

In the words of our chef Oliver Fleisch – creative, unadulterated Alpine Adriatic cuisine that enhances the taste of the best products, while underpinning holistic self-care and the bohemian lifestyle, is brought to the highest culinary level. 

But grandmother's traditional cooking is also important to us – it’s part of our history, after all. For this reason, we love reinterpreting old recipes with modern products, as well as serving them in a way that is palatable for everyone.

means pampering board


Classics of Austrian cuisine and alternating Grand Pièces at the highest level are offered daily from breakfast to dinner. We take the trust placed in us and in our cuisine very seriously and pay great attention to regional, fresh and seasonal food. Fortunately, we live in a "gourmet shop" here in the Arlberg, which provides us with a wide range of valuable products for healthy, natural and regional cuisine.

Alkaline natural cuisine

The purely alkaline meals consist of nothing but regional organic vegetables, mountain herbs, organic salads and sprouts, potatoes and fruit from the Lake Constance region. Many unfavourable (unhealthy) habits lead to - feeling unwell, tiredness, exhaustion, restless sleep, feeling of fullness, digestive problems etc. or health complaints such as blood sugar, high blood pressure etc. Through regular deacidification and purification (alkaline fasting) your body can recover and regenerate. 1 to 2 weeks, twice a year, can be enough to bring your well-being and health to a whole new level. Alkaline nutrition counteracts these complaints and chronic illnesses are alleviated. In addition
the immune system is strengthened, the body is deacidified and regenerated, the sugar and fat metabolism is improved, the cells are cleansed and made room for something new, new vitality and energy are gained, your own fountain of youth is created and, quite "incidentally", kilos are lost as well as your own health prevention is shaped. Spa tip: Alkaline bath, salt compress, drink alkaline salt

Vegan / Vegetarian Indulgence

Vegan living has never been easier: even top athletes like Lewis Hamilton and Novak Djokovic eat a vegan diet, not only for the sake of animal welfare, but also for their own health. Physical well-being and health improve drastically after a short time on a vegan diet. Our western affluent diet makes us eat ourselves sick, this has not been a secret for a long time. Fresh plant-based food makes it easier for you to reach your ideal weight and, more importantly, gives you strength and energy. But according to our slogan: "Everything can be nothing must" it helps your well-being and your health to simply reduce the consumption of animal products, which will certainly not be difficult for you thanks to our creative plant-based alpine cuisine. Important for a vegan diet: Make sure that the body is supplied with enough proteins. This is very easy to do in the form of protein powder, e.g. add it to your vitamin drink in the morning.


Ketogenic "Low Carb"

A ketogenic diet is a form of low carb diet. It is characterised by a diet that is extremely low in carbohydrates and sugar, but very high in fat. Due to the lack of carbohydrates, the metabolism changes and goes into so-called "ketosis". In the ketogenic diet, the low-carbohydrate food intake leads to a kind of starvation state in the body, but there is no energy deficit, as is the case with fasting. The metabolism gradually changes and finally enters a state called ketosis. Ketosis occurs when the body no longer has any carbohydrates and thus no glucose available for energy production and instead burns a glucose substitute - the ketone bodies that are formed in the liver. Everyone can (have) their individual meal plan put together according to their preferences. And of course, exercise and relaxation play their own special roles. In short: a holistic concept that fits into every life. And above all, it tastes good!

Dine Around at the Goldener Berg – the gourmet Dreigestirn at the Hauben-Olymp

Gourmet pleasure, wonderfully varied

Our guests are served with love and attention to detail in 4 restaurants in the hotel. Our daily changing menus invite you to enjoy dining at our restaurants.

In summer, you can enjoy our alpine natural cuisine for lunch or in the evening on our Panorama Terrace with a stunning mountain panorama on the terrace or in the Dirndlstüberl.

Enjoy this experience for all your senses for a supplement of € 58 in winter and € 42 in summer per person per day.

The Dine Around package is only bookable in advance and must be booked for the duration of your stay.

Look forward to:

  • Club & Restaurant: Start your evening with appetizers and salads from the buffet before you put together your own GLYX menu from our daily recommendations. Only in winter. 
  • Panorama Terrace: In summer, you can enjoy our alpine natural cuisine in the evening with a 5-course menu and mountain panorama on the terrace or in the unique Dirndlstüberl parlour.
  • Dirndlstüberl: Create your own menu from our Dirndlstüberl menu. Classic Austrian cuisine and alternating Grandes Pièces at the highest level.
  • Johannesstübli: Vegetarian and vegan delights. Enjoy the finest 4-course gourmet menus in the award-winning Johannestübli, changing weekly. Only in winter.
  • Alter Goldener Berg: Feel the traditions and cosiness in the Stuben with a classic cheese fondue or meat fondue (with surcharge). Only in winter.

The AMA Seal

The AMA seal of quality is an officially recognised quality mark. It provides reliable information about traceable origin, high quality and that independent controls have been carried out. AMA Quality Seal products are subject to quality requirements that go far beyond the legal requirements and are checked using objective methods. Wherever you see the AMA Quality Seal, you can be sure: This is a high-quality, strictly controlled food product whose origin is 100 % traceable.