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In summer 2019, we started working again on my “Path of Being” (“Seins Pfad”) programme. The idea of bringing consciousness and mindfulness to everyday life at all levels. With this programme, you will follow various mentors, therapists and yogis. Read more about the various methods and techniques in the different areas, as well as the people behind them.

An entire team for your well-being

My Mountain Selfcare Attendent

We are very happy that you will soon experience some wonderful days on our Golden Mountain. To also be completely sure what you want for your vacation, we will be happy to call you in advance to clarify this.

So we can inform you about our different nutritional options, book possible yoga classes as well as alpine bathing, hikes with our trainer or private trainer lessons. Our spa team, supplemented by changing special therapists, is also at your disposal for holistic selfcare.

Please let us know when we may contact you for this purpose. We are already very much looking forward to seeing you and send our best regards from the high swinging mountains.




Our Mountain Selfcare Companions
Our Therapists
Coaches & companion

Me time – mountain treatment

What is life all about? A question that surely everyone has been dealing with since the beginning of humanity as soon as they have met their basic needs.
We think: It’s about being self-aware and simply being happy.

What is happiness? Personally, I think it’s a state of inner peace and contentment. A life following your own rhythm and your heart.
Being fully aligned with your own universe and in love and understanding with everything going on around you.

So how do we get there? Many roads lead to Rome – as it was said back then. This is why we have found a broad range of great therapists who come here to share their different ways of achieving this happiness. Find out for yourself what exactly it is for you that leads you to feeling whole. We look forward to talking to you, growing with you and offering you some real time out and me-time here on our golden mountain of energy.

Yoga is a life philosophy from Indian culture


An ancient system based on knowledge acquired over centuries in which various mentally, muscularly and meditatively calm states and thus relaxing health can be achieved through mental and physical exercise (gymnastic sport).


The different methods and techniques of our mentors


Our coaches use various dialogue techniques as well as different forms of help by touching points on the body’s surface. A variety of different therapeutic methods are used. In individual coaching, guidance and impetus is given for steps towards personal and individual development.



bare feet of children on a barbed green grass in the evening at sunset

Specialist in a healing profession or healing method


Experts with various healing professions come here to give people energy and support them in personal processes in a healthy way. Different personalised modules of various holistic methods are used, which address the body (freeing blocked energy), mind (personal growth) and soul (holistic health).


Path of being - the path for all senses

Here is the treasure map to your very personal and individual BEING path - the path for all senses, completely back to yourself, at your pace and with your experiences and sensory perceptions.

To the path of being