My name is Martina Mangova

Sports scientist, Luna Yoga®️ and hormone yoga teacher, hormone specialist, translator

I was born in Znojmo (Czech Republic), grew up bilingually and have been living across borders since my youth. I was born with the joy of movement in my cradle. Already at a young age I recognized movement and sports as an important part of my life, although in the 80s/90s the approach to the body was quite different. The most important thing was performance. Breathing and relaxation were not an issue back then. After studying sports science, I worked as a business woman and also enjoyed leading classes in aerobics, callanetics and Pilates. This meant that my body had to function around the clock both in my professional life and then as a mother of three children. As a result, one day I was completely burned out and forced to completely rethink my approach to my body, womanhood and performance.

Luna Yoga and Hormone Yoga helped me a lot in this process. I was amazed at how quickly and powerfully the effective breathing and energy directing techniques improved my condition, and was more energized day by day. Chronic fatigue and acne (after stopping the pill) was gone after a couple of weeks. With the mindful exercises at my own pace, I learned to perceive my own limits. I no longer had to fight against my body's needs, but could also use my female cycle more and more as a natural source of strength. This was a completely new attitude towards life for me and from then on formed the cornerstone of my research interest: How much can yoga positively influence the hormonal events of the body?

In 2004 I started to train as a teacher in Luna Yoga and in 2006 in Hormone Yoga in different courses. I started teaching and passing on my knowledge. It quickly became clear that hormonal difficulties in women and men are a widespread phenomenon in the Czech Republic as well. Especially Hormon Yoga according to Dinah Rodrigues (Brazil) inspired me to experiment with my own exercises, to try out new things, so that after more than fifteen years, in addition to Luna Yoga and Hormon Yoga, I now also teach my own experiences as the "Mangova Method".

For me, not only physical exercises are crucial. A certain sequence of relaxation, tension and breathing in combination with a gentle activation of the glands has a harmonizing effect on the hormone status for both women and men. Thereby the strengthening of fertility (for women) and the improvement of the spermiogram (for men) is an ever-growing topic. Also for prevention in the sense of anti-aging, there are now a number of proven exercises.

What is important to me in private lessons:
I was born under the zodiac sign of Leo with Virgo ascendant. This is an ideal mixture of enthusiasm paired with attention to detail. Both traits accompany me in my life and benefit me greatly, especially in yoga classes. Even after many years, I still enjoy passing on my knowledge and responding to the very individual needs of women and men in an intimate atmosphere.

My offers for women/men:
* Luna Yoga
* Luna Yoga sequence for ovulation or menstruation
* Hormone Yoga
* Yoga for childbearing
* Yoga for menopause (also premature)
* Hygiene of the vertebral column (30 min)
* Yoga/exercises according to Mojzisova
* Exercises according to "Mangova method

Price for a single lesson (60 min): € 120.-


My services for you at hotel Goldener Berg:

Personal Training

Warm-up, training, training intensification, cool-down, stretching

50 minutes € 104.00
Luna Yoga ® Martina Mangova

Enjoyable stretching exercises before or after skiing

Feeling good in your own body

Deep relaxation gets the self-healing powers flowing

Simple and effective exercises for a happy vertebral chain, joints and digestive organs

Hormonal glands are gently stimulated and brought into balance

The therapist Martina Mangova is available on request.

60 minutes € 125.00
60 minutes € 125.00
Hormone Yoga for women / Hormone Yoga for men with Martina Mangova

is a medically proven holistic series of about 30 exercises, for which we need 5 x 60 minutes. 

Suitable as prevention for all.
But especially for women with cycle disorders and irregularities, PMS, PCOS, period pains, migraines, desire for children, premature menopause, hot flashes, sleep disorders, hypothyroidism, etc.
For men, for example: Athletes who want to naturally boost testosterone production and improve performance, completely without negative side effects. Suitable also for loss of vitality, muscle weakness, as prevention of gynecomastia. 

The price includes records for regular practice at home.

The therapist Martina Mangova is available on request.