The Alter Goldener Berg in Lech

The Alter Goldener Berg in Lech is called “Alter Goldener Berg” simply because it has existed for over 500 years. The ancient little “Stuben” dining rooms have been lovingly restored and decorated, offering a unique atmosphere for family celebrations with overnight accommodation, weddings in the mountains and all sorts of other occasions (with up to 120 guests).

Tradition and a relaxed approach


In winter, the Alter Goldener Berg is also a popular restaurant. In summer, the doors are opened to family celebrations with overnight accommodation, weddings, birthdays, corporate celebrations, baptisms etc.

The rooms never cease to impress when you step in. Just how often have people danced, celebrated, and laughed here over the last 500 years?

Family celebrations with overnight accommodation at the Goldener Berg

The “Alter Goldene Berg” has stood for over 500 years enthroned amongst the impressive mountains around the Hotel Goldener Berg. The cosy little “Stuben” dining rooms of this traditional farmhouse can seat up to 120 guests. They are original, cosy, and traditional, and make the perfect venue for celebrations in the mountains.

Your host Daniela Pfefferkorn and her whole team have specialised in “golden mountain weddings” and endeavour to lend their special touch of magic to your wedding in the mountains. Whether you require a wedding menu, wedding cake, decorations, or have special technical requirements for your festivities or formalities, the Goldener Berg can fulfil them all.

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