Special places of energy for people and animals

Lots of positive energy and high frequency waves in the mountains

There are places of energy in which higher levels of vibrations have been measured than in other locations. These are places that have attracted people for centuries. And then there are places where we simply enjoy being, without any scientific facts or legends passed through generations. Places where we simply feel free, light, colourful, down to earth, genuine, at ease and relaxed.

The Goldener Berg in Arlberg is both of these.

Energy levels of 10,000 to 12,000 Bovis have been measured here. Bovis are the units used for measuring the life energy of substances, and the average value in Austria is 5000.

The fact that guests feel great here is evident in their faces. This is a place where you can breathe more freely, and a smile shows. So beautiful, so close to the sky.

Energy vibrations at the Goldener Berg
Leo Hermann, a friend and renowned energician, ensures that the hotel has the right vibrations. Energy chips remove disturbances from the hotel’s rooms, freeing them from electro smog, earth radiation and psychic smog. Guests feel lighter, sleep better, and clear their souls from unwanted clutter.

And then our remarkable water plays its part too. It tranforms bathing, cooking, and drinking. Our mountain spring water gives power and energy and connects you with earth.

Feel great!

Holistic health on holiday

Detox & cleansing treatments at our hotel

Dr. med. Ewald Töth has developed body de-acidifying and detoxifying concepts, a treatment of cleansing in our hotel. Light quanta, photons, convey essential energy to cells and are therefore the basis of holistic health. The scientist developed processes whereby these light quanta can be stored in products. In his products there are 4 light quanta essences that activate and control all the processes in the cells of an organism. They are:

Integration, harmony, identity, and stability.

Thanks to the light quanta contained in the products used in the Alpine Spa at the Goldener Berg, healing processes are considerably accelerated. They contain a high concentration of alkali in order to bring the acid-alkaline content of our bodies into balance.

Therapies according to Dr. Ewald Töth

Where illnesses display an inbalance in the body, healing processes are considerably sped up by the presence of light quanta in products and applications. In natural medicine, they are considered accelerators in the natural detoxifying and cleansing processes by helping regulate metabolism and promoting cell regeneration.

Treatments at the Goldener Berg

Read more about Dr. med. Ewald Töth at www.licht-quanten.com and book your own well-being treatment.