Wellness in Arlberg

Spa Treatments for your well-being

Close to the sky at 1700 m, surrounded by majestic mountains our guests put their trust in the expert hands of our wellness staff. Balancing, soothing, energy-rich. Alpine and free.

Massage for health and wellbeing


Massage promotes blood circulation, relaxes the mind and muscles and helps to straighten vertebrae and ligaments. The various massage techniques that we offer are recommended for EVERYONE and ANYONE.


Alpine Spa Programme

Treat yourself

We offer all treatments that release tension and blockages in the body, an extensive range to unblock the flow of energy again, as well as energy medicine that releases old in the area of the soul. Coupled with meditations, coaching and conscious movement in nature, you will find everything that can bring you back to your balance.


Want to enjoy some serious training?

Then head to our fitness room where you will find everything you need. The fitness area and the relaxation room in the Alpine Spa were completely renovated in 2020. So also this year - many "new" rooms to feel good in your Golden Energy Mountain.