Winter - experience the quiet time of the year in a mindful way!

The "Sonnenplateau Oberlech" sends its regards: Welcome to a winter holiday directly at the ski slope

Winter at the Golden Mountain is of course: ski in - ski out. Free of crowds, right in front of the hotel on the boards and off you go - that has been the Golden Mountain for over 100 years. But the same goes for exercise in winter nature without boards! Directly from the hotel, there are many kilometres of wonderful hiking trails that are perfectly groomed every day.

Snowshoe hiking - for me an unbelievably beautiful way to restore silence in the mind in a short time. Strolling along with modern snowshoes on your feet, behind our guide through the snow-covered Zug Valley, in the silence of the forest and the fresh powdery snow is just one thing: meditative! I love it. But jogging is also an option in winter that Lech offers, Nordic walking and cross-country skiing - all sports in wonderful nature that are quick to learn and bring a lot of joy to the heart. We also offer many of these programmes directly from the Golden Mountain with our trainer Natalia. But our newly developed themes such as alpine bathing and tidal hiking are also part of our programme.


The best alternatives to skiing on Arlberg

... because winter holidays in Lech-Oberlech are simply fun

Arlberg winter holidays

Off to Oberlech!

The Arlberg region attracts a multitude of people from all over the world into the wonderful Vorarlberg district, and amongst them are also of course people who don’t ski. For those who would like to learn how to create wonderful arcs on the piste, our ski schools are perfect. But for others, there is also plenty on offer in the Arlberg resorts.
TIP: The Hotel Goldener Berg is located directly on the slopes in one of the most beautiful ski areas in Austria.

Christoph Schöch, Fotoshooting, Omesberg, Winter 2015/16, Winterwandern

Winter holidays off the ski slopes

From the winter hike over the cross-country ski tour to curling - there is no boredom on Arlberg!

Soak up the peace and strength of a relaxing winter hike through the crunching snow and let yourself be enchanted by the dream panorama right in front of the Hotel Goldener Berg.

If you like it more sporty, head to one of the well prepared cross-country ski trails or sled down the mountain with a classic toboggan or Zipfelbob. 
After a day of tobogganing or curling, you will spend pleasant hours in a friendly atmosphere, before you return happily to the Goldener Berg and enjoy the warmth of the saunas in the Alpine Spa.

Simply a winter holiday on Arlberg at its finest!

Time for your winter holiday!

Choose whatever you like, and it’s always best shared with a special person.