Mountain Selfcare

by Daniela Pfefferkorn

For more than 25 years now I have been engaged in conscious, healthy living. My home Oberlech am Arlberg is the perfect place for it: The pure energy of the mountains can be felt in nature - the Golden Mountain is a place where you can truly absorb it, as the measured vibration is particularly high.

Having grown up in the midst of this magnificent world of peaks and having always been deeply rooted in nature, the theme of "Mountain Selfcare" and the four pillars associated with it came about quite naturally for me.

Movement, because it has always been an essential part of my life, having been inspired by skiing and hiking at an early age. Healthy nutrition, because my mother already recommended it to me in my childhood. Awareness, because the good life can only take place in the mindful here and now. And finally, energetic work, because for me only the successful interaction of body and mind can lead to sustainable health.

What makes me happy? What does my body need to feel good and how can I give it exactly that, day after day? Strengthen my mind, but also my immune system?

Questions that I was able to answer for myself through years of research and searching. Knowledge that I now want to share with the guests, friends and visitors of the Golden Energy Mountain. Of course supported by great personalities from all possible areas of the good life: therapists, coaches, yogis and self-care attendants help to find back to your own center and well-being. We are happy if you also want to be part of it!

Your Daniela Pfefferkorn & the golden team


Your Host


Vacation. Rest. Detachment. Time spent in the Golden Mountain has a healing effect on body and soul. This is ensured by nature, the mountains and the hostess herself.

The desire to devote oneself fully to one's own health, to receive first-hand advice for this in matters of nutrition, stress management and other concerns, this has been a matter close to Daniela Pfefferkorn's heart for years.

She travels a lot, has many years of experience and has studied several healing methods from all over the world. In order to finally bring them all back to her beloved home of the Arlberg and together with the manifold (healing) masseurs, great coaches and variously talented therapists of the house also to her guests. For this purpose, she has worked out an individual concept "Mountin Selfcare" with experts from business & health especially for the Golden Mountain, which has been purposefully developed further for years with a lot of passion and personal commitment.

So here you can look forward to a time for the body, the mind and the soul.

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Mindful movement


The step into the lush green grass, the swing through the fresh powder snow. We at the Golden Energy Mountain have always loved to move. Just like the demanding tensing of the muscles, the optimized oxygen saturation in the blood and the happiness-inducing endorphins, which together have more than a positive effect on the body, however, it also requires a certain mindfulness.

Consciously breathing in the fresh mountain air during yoga on our terrace with a view over the mountains of Lech. The perception of the unique landscapes during the bike tour. The pause during alpine bathing between the proud mountain peaks and magnificent alpine meadows. Feel what it really means to feel good in your own body during mindful movement around and on our energy plateau. And strengthen not only your body, mind and soul, but also your immune system during Nordic walking, a round of golf or winter activities off the slopes. Bring mindfulness into your sports routine and feel the power of the mountains!

Mindful movement in Sommer  But also in winter 

ein herzhaft angerichtetes Gericht im Gourmethotel Goldener Berg am Arlberg

Plant based alpine cuisine


Our plant-based alpine cuisine not only presents delicious dishes, but also embraces a sustainable approach to sourcing vegetables, herbs, and other delicacies, respecting nature as a reliable supplier. The creations of our kitchen team will not only tantalize your taste buds but also serve as a source of well-being and health.

True to our motto "everything can, nothing must" we leave the choice to you: alkaline, ketogenic, vegetarian or vegan? If you like to keep it classic when it comes to food, you are also in the right place with us. In one restaurant, we cook according to grandma's old recipes, while in the other we are very modern and creative. But there is one thing that is definitely on every one of our plates: an endless love of good, healthy food.

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Alpine well-being

Important pillars of these concepts are the topics of nutrition, exercise and balance. Harmonious principles, individual guiding plans and plenty of time to be ensure a regenerating time-out. And for sweet being.
We also place our focus on enjoyment. 
The products we use in the treatments in our Alpine Spa are equally carefully selected and some of them are specially developed for the Golden Mountain. Always in view: Our home, the alpine nature and its power.

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bare feet of children on a barbed green grass in the evening at sunset

perceive the nature


Have you ever taken a deliberate walk through nature? Have you soaked up the scents of the countryside and noticed the awakened chirping of birds? If so, you certainly know how good it feels. The conscious contact with everything that is and surrounds us. An eye for the wonders of nature. When you are outdoors for a longer time, only one feeling can remain: gratitude for the abundance that is given to us every day.
Experience this feeling with us!

During yoga and the subsequent meditation session on our terrace with a view of the proud mountain peaks. But looking down dog, tree & Co. do not have to be at all to experience this awareness. Often a very conscious walk into the nature that surrounds us is enough - we call it alpine bathing. Or a few steps through our sensory path, looking out into the countryside and letting our thoughts drift with the clouds. Sitting on our meditation platform (atrium) and just feeling.

Linger in the inner center, be for yourself, live in the moment and feel your roots. Experience the conscious life at the Golden Energy Mountain!

Walk with us on the path of being

Energetic work


To find happiness and a balanced existence, energy must be able to flow freely. Body, mind and soul must be in harmony. One must also simply be able to let go. Many are overcome by this kind of liberation when they leave their hectic lives behind for a while and travel to the Golden Energy Mountain. The energy, the pure air that Lech "radiates" as a climatic health resort and sunny plateau - it is already a very special place of power. Others need a little more "jump start". Perhaps a massage, combined with the long-awaited time-out in our Alpine Spa?

Worries, false beliefs, fears and other obstacles in life sit deep within our cells. It is one thing to understand things in the mind and a second to really let them overflow into the system. Therapists of light work help the body to become free as well. Only in this way is the human being as a whole again with himself - in BEING.

Allow yourself time for yourself and strengthen your body, mind and soul!

To our therapists

Sustainability is a living understanding at Goldener Berg

"Acting sustainably" means acting as if you were in the world to stay forever!" In sustainable living, environmental awareness plays a major role in all areas. That is why sustainability and resource conservation are part of our daily thoughts and actions.

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