My name is Claudia Schlorke

Going your own way with ease and joy

Imagine life as a river, a wonderfully refreshing river, rippling, meandering its way through meadows and forests. When we swim with our river - that is, when we are "in the flow" - we feel happy. Everything falls into place wonderfully. Seemingly effortlessly we succeed in everything. We let ourselves be carried, gratefully let go of all that no longer serves us and trust from the heart in what lies ahead. Curious, inquiring and full of joy.

But sometimes we get stuck, stranded in a shallow place or in the reeds on the riverbank. Sometimes we end up again and again in side arms of our river, maybe even always in the same one. Then coaching and/or energy work (prana healing, shamanic energy medicine) can help us to overcome these blockages and to face challenges fearlessly and courageously.

I am happy to accompany you individually and lovingly on your path, so that you can recognize and also live your potential.

"It is our light, not our darkness, that we fear most." (Marianne Williamsen)


Coaching for private and professional issues

Duration approx. 90 min / € 120,00

What is out of balance? Where and why am I stranded in my (life) flow? What helps me to live my life happily and in harmony? Why am I here? Through conversations, through a constellation to take a different perspective, through meditations to come into your own center and feel inner peace - if this appeals to you, then I look forward to a coaching inquiry.

Prana healing

Duration approx. 60 min / € 85,00

Strengthen, vitalize and harmonize body and mind - thanks to Prana Healing, self-healing powers are activated and the body's immune system is strengthened. Possible blockages can be released and the life energy/Prana can flow unhindered again.

If you are willing to change your way of life favorably, you can create a happy life with a new inner attitude.


Shamanic energy medicine (illumination, extraction, soul/drumming journeys)

Duration approx. 90 min / € 120,00

Past, present and future influence our actions, thoughts and feelings. Do you know the feeling that situations repeat themselves in variations (relationships and experiences private or professional), e.g. the new job finally brings the same challenge again the old one?

Do you want to be more in harmony ('in ayni') with all that is? Does your heart long to beat in harmony with mother earth ('patchamama')?

With shamanic healing techniques we work outside of time and space and can support the balance between body, mind and soul. Self-healing powers are strengthened. Clarity and deeper understanding emerge, how we can shape our lives with love and compassion and courage - and helpers such as power animals and 'spirit guides' guide and accompany us at all times.


My degrees:

2016: Integral Personal Coach (kinesiological muscle testing, letting go of stress and old personal and family patterns).

2017: Integral Systemic Coach (family constellations, systemic constellation work also in the corporate environment).

2019: Associate Pranic Healer (Prana Healer)

2022: Master Practicioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine (energy medicine and health coach according to Dr. Alberto Villoldo)