My name is Sabine Maria Frei

Astrologer, shamanic energetic practitioner, shamanic drum maker

As Therapist at Hotel Goldener Berg
Every Wednesday on request

As a trained energy medicine practitioner i work full-time in the fields of astrology, shamanic energy work as well as shamanic drumming. The different energetic methods flow into each other as needed, so that I can respond to requests individually.

At the Hotel Goldener Berg I will gladly accompany your stay with astrological coaching and energetic breathing sessions and would be happy to support you with them.


Astrological Coaching - Insights into the personal birth chart

We are all unique - in our character traits, talents and life tasks. Some of them we are obviously aware of, others still slumber undiscovered in secret. Through the personal birth chart we can gain insight into our innermost being, fathom ourselves in our depth and receive impulses for the next upcoming steps.

It is all about questions like ...

  • What are my character traits and the inner needs associated with them?
  • What do I need to feel comfortable in different life situations?
  • What are my strengths and talents and in which areas can they be used?
  • What am I striving for and where does my powerful life path lead along?
  • What do I want to learn and master in this life and what old behaviors do I want to outgrow?

In an Astrological Coaching I will explore the content of your birth chart with you and tell you something about it. At the same time it is my concern to go beyond the level of the intellect together with you in order to make your innermost energies tangible for you. Thus, in Astrological Coaching I combine factual information with methods of energetic practice in order to bring the working forces closer in many ways.


Offer: Single Session Astrological Coachin

1 person and 1 birth chart

Insights into the personal horoscope

Duration: 80 min / € 252,- per person (incl. preparation and material)

Please provide the following details when booking so that I can prepare in detail for the appointment: Full name / date of birth / time of birth to the minute / place and country of birth / current place of residence


Energy Breathing

Based on the archaic trance and ecstasy technique of connected breathing according to Dr. Christina Kessler - Holistic Energy and Breath Teaching (HEAL) - Kessler Breathwork

  • How does it feel to be connected to the universal life force?
  • What happens when pure life flows through our body and fills our whole being?
  • What happens when this surge of life energy is directed into creative channels?

Yes then our being begins to radiate out from inside!

In connected circular energy breathing, the pause between inhaling and exhaling is omitted. Through this steady rhythmic breathing movement our mind comes to rest and our physical and energetic system is flooded with oxygen and life force. This allows us to detoxify on all levels, release toxins and waste products, and release mental blockages. At the same time, we experience an intense reconnection to our inner essence and to the universal life force - that energy which is available to us all in great abundance and which powerfully refuels our systems. Blocked and accumulated energies come into motion and make way for this pure life force, which can flow into all our body cells and layers of consciousness during connected breathing. Self-healing powers are activated and inner clarity spreads within us.

Participation in these breathing sessions does not require experience with breathing techniques. Connected breathing typically lasts an hour and is accompanied by a pre- and post-talk. Breathing is done in different postures, depending on the topic and the inner process sought, and the rhythm of the breath is accompanied by selected music. I myself am energetically supportive during connected breathing and accompany you as a trained Kessler Breathwork Trainer through your individual inner processes.

Please remember

  • Participate in comfortable airy clothing that allows movement freedom
  • Bring a water bottle, as it can get warm and the water aids detoxification
  • Schedule time to rest afterwards
  • Follow the health requirements below

Please choose a desired thematic focus when booking per breathing session

  • Connection: Heart Breathing (ideal for couples & families)
  • Relaxation: Räkel Breathing
  • Cleansing: Chakra Breathing
  • Ecstasy: Power Animal Breathing
  • Life Flow: Breathing through blocked life issues


Prerequisites and exclusions

Normal physical and mental resilience is a prerequisite for participation. The breathing session is intended as a self-awareness and is not a substitute for psychotherapeutic treatment

Excluded from participation are persons with:

  • Cardiac pacemakers
  • Acute psychoses

In the case of the following symptoms, everyone is responsible for their own participation and is encouraged to make this known at the time of registration in order to clarify whether participation is possible:

  • Pregnancy
  • Severe cardiovascular diseases
  • Acute inflammations or diseases
  • Severe bone and joint problems
  • Psychiatric history
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma


Offer: Energy Breathing

Individual session or group session (couples, family, circle of friends)

1-6 persons with 1 energetic thematic focus

Minimum age: 16 years

Duration: 80 min

1 person - € 180,- per person

2 persons - € 130,- per person

3 persons - € 95,- per person

4 persons - € 85,- per person

5 persons - € 75,- per person

6 persons - € 65,- per person


My work is based on intensive trainings in the fields of

Psychological and classical astrology

Shamanic healing techniques of the Inca (Q'ero) shamans and jungle shamans of South America

Kessler Breathwork (HEAL - Holistic Energy and Breath Teaching)

Many further education and training in the field of energy work