Alpine Cuisine & Soulfood cuisine at its best at the Golden Mountain

love | 01/20/2023

Three toques for the highest enjoyment

Good food is a matter of taste! But not only. We at the Golden Mountain have created a comprehensive concept of enjoyment that includes the most diverse aspects. We combine the region in which we live with traditional recipes, the latest scientific findings and proven compositions. And our success proves us right - the Johannesstübli has already been rewarded with three toques. However, because we do not only base this on awards and seals of quality, it is above all the happy faces of the satisfied people who have been our guests that confirm us in what we do. In today's blog, we would like to describe in more detail what our enjoyment concepts look like and what our visitors can look forward to. 

Regional soul food and alpine cuisine at its best

A perfect meal starts with the origin of the food. We deliberately choose the term food because the products used come from farmers in the immediate vicinity and responsible suppliers from the region. The farms in Vorarlberg are almost exclusively small in structure and are managed in a tradition-conscious manner. Fruit, vegetables and cereals are grown sustainably, the animals live in small groups and spend the summers on the beautiful alpine pastures. This management method ensures the highest quality already in the initial product. 

It is up to each person to decide which foods to eat and which they would rather do without for health or ethical reasons. We put a strong focus on the origin of milk and dairy products, meat and other animal products. Personally, we eat a plant-based diet, but of course we cook crosswise through all possible diets. 

Basically, in addition to traditional cuisine, which includes a wide variety of foods, our guests can choose from three indulgence categories: 

Alkaline natural cuisine, vegan or vegetarian and ketogenic or low carb.

Alkaline natural cuisine is characterized by alkaline-forming foods that are intended to counteract hyperacidity. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, sprouts and seeds are mainly used here. 

Vegan or vegetarian dishes do without meat and fish or completely without animal products, depending on your preference. It is important for us to prepare the dishes in a natural and healthy way and not to use processed alternative products. 

Ketogenic or low carb is aimed at anyone who wants to eat a low-carbohydrate diet. One would not like to believe which differences there are here also with vegetable kinds. The dishes are carefully thought out and prepared at the highest level. 

Four restaurants and three toques

Our guests have four restaurants at their disposal, which convince with different concepts in the area of design and furnishing as well as culinary offers. 

  • Dirndlstüberl - typical Austrian cuisine in all its facets
  • Johannesstübli - awarded with three toques
  • Panoramarestaurant - fine dining with breathtaking views
  • Alter Goldener Berg - 500 years of tradition meet the best Austrian delicacies

Get together on the Sonnenterrasse at the Golden Mountain 

Enjoy together, indulge in the good in a dreamlike mountain scenery. The sun terrace on the Golden Mountain is a very special place. Conveniently accessible from the slopes, the beautiful terrace invites you to take a break in the sun. Fast Soulfood with the best products of the region and sparkling drinks, meetings with people from all over the world at an altitude of over 1,700 meters. Here new contacts are made and you philosophize about the mountains. Wonderful, so much freedom and crystal clear winter air! 

Feel free to visit us at the Golden Mountain and let us spoil you. We are looking forward to seeing you! 

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