Exciting luxury at the Arlberg - sparkling, heartwarming and icy cold

| 02/01/2022

What is pure luxury for you, dear guests? For us, it is having time in the mountains. Time to relax, time to connect with nature and time to enjoy the moment. We would like to offer our guests a real luxury holiday at the Arlberg. The highest level of comfort in all areas is a matter of course for us. As part of our concept, we orientate ourselves in a wide variety of directions and promise an exciting luxury holiday at the Arlberg - in a way that will pleasantly surprise you!

Pure luxury in the Goldener Berg - Me Time

We all play different roles in life. We are mother or father, daughter or son, aunt or uncle, boyfriend or girlfriend, boss, employee, "new", "old", "experienced" and much more. Often there is not enough time to connect with ourselves. Stop, feel, then decide. “Me time” is exactly that. Lean back, take your time, feel your inner voice. Review and see what is still appropriate and what is no longer needed.

You reserve the room that calls you. You choose the time of year for a short break that nourishes you the most. You arrive, leave your everyday life behind and snuggle up in your personal feel-good bed. Exactly when you want and exactly how you want. Treat yourself with peaceful nights, restful sleep and plenty of rest. And shape the coming days exactly how it feels good for you. Wake up without an alarm clock, sit down at the richly set breakfast table, try the foods your body desires.

Then visit our popular wellness area or treat yourself with a relaxing beauty and wellness treatment. Or the mountain lures you outdoors and you enjoy the fresh air while winter hiking, skiing or outdoor yoga. There are countless ways in which you can experience an unforgettable vacation day. Life is a buffet.

Read a book with pleasure, relax and gaze into the distance, do a power workout in the fitness room. You have the choice!

Luxury vacation à la Goldener Berg - eating as a healthy pampering program

For us, good food is simply part of a holiday. And by good we mean healthy, rich, regional, seasonal and harmonious. No overloaded buffets. No lists of ingredients that you can read like a book in a foreign language. GOOD, FRESH WELL-BEING-FOOD. With products from local farmers, fresh herbs, healthy vegetables, colorful fruit. If meat and fish then of course from responsible suppliers, for whom animal welfare and high quality in all parts are the top priority.

We are also very familiar with the different eating habits. In consultation with our guests, we are happy to serve vegan, ketogenic, plant-based, vegetarian, low-carb or fat-reduced dishes. For us personally, it can be plant-based and vegan. This is how our body feels most comfortable.

Luxury on vacation - humane, emphatic, accompanying

Sometimes you need someone to show you the different possibilities and directions. Someone who stands by your side in a humane, emphatic and accompanying way and looks at different things from the outside, independently and without judgment.

We have brought such people to the Goldener Berg for you. Different coaches with the focus on physical exercises, personality development and advice are happy to assist you before, during and after your holiday and accompany you in the most different phases of life.

Coaches & companions in the Goldener Berg


Be loving with ourselves, be careful, be connected with us - and to the earth. For us, pure luxury is when we have time to take care of ourselves. So that we can then be strengthened again and full of power for our loved ones and our work. If this time also takes place in the mountains - in one of the most beautiful places in the Alps - that puts the icing on the cake.

Have a good time!