We are pleased about two new environmental awards!

| 08/30/2023

The Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel for the Goldener Berg
Awards which particularly touch us

The concepts at the "Goldener Berg" are based on sustainability, mindfulness and a respectful attitude towards people, animals and the universe. We want to act at eye level and see life as a big entity. The different encounters with people from all over the world, here at an altitude of over 1,700 metres, shape our way of running the business together with our golden team, as does the focus on environmental protection and sustainability. What we are doing, we are clearly doing out of conviction. Not for awards and labels. BUT - we are very happy whenever we are awarded with these as a valuable extra - the cherry on top, if you like to say. We are currently very grateful for the Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel.

The Austrian Ecolabel

The Eco-label Austria is an independent seal of approval for the environment and quality awarded by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.
The focus is clearly on sustainable tourism. We at "Goldener Berg" are pleased to have implemented numerous environmental protection measures as part of our operations and are constantly planning innovative and future-oriented steps towards the maximum sustainable hotel.

The EU Ecolabel for the "Goldener Berg"

The EU Ecolabel is an eco-label recognised by all member states of the European Union as well as Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. The voluntary label is considered a reference for customers who want to do their bit and support sustainable ways of working. Circular economy, acting green, environmentally conscious decisions and highest quality in all areas are supported and pushed.

What does this mean in specific terms at the "Goldener Berg"?

Some of the performances of the last few years at a glance:

  • Complete thermal refurbishment of the "Goldener Berg" in 2018, including the installation of state-of-the-art triple-glazed windows.
  • Use of renewable energies - construction of a bio district heating plant, which heats all the water and runs the heating system.
  • Construction of an underground tunnel system, enabling e-motorised transport even in winter.
  • E-filling station directly behind the house.
  • Concepts based on cooperation with guests in the field of resource conservation.
  • Promotion of sustainable local transport through the Lech Card.
  • Arrivals by public transport are rewarded with a free yoga lesson.
  • Bicycles are available for free.
  • Use of wood exclusively from the domestic market.
  • Installation of exclusively European products (renunciation of purchases via Amazon).
  • Demand for environmental compatibility of the products from all suppliers.
  • BIO and regional products, where available, are our top priority. We obtain most of our food from local farmers we trust - the radius is limited to the Alpine arc at the most.
  • the Lech tap water is refined by precious stones through the main water pipe, and is therefore a pleasure in itself.
  • We do not buy any genetically modified products and no meat from animal transports throughout Europe.
  • Organic cosmetic amenities from Austria in refillable bottles, as well as the use of organic cosmetics from Austria in our Alpine Spa.
  • Development of a waste management concept to separate waste properly.
  • Prevention of water wastage by restricting the flow of water in the taps and showers.
  • The meadows around the house are mowed only once (after flowering, in late summer).
  • We only use environmentally certified products and pay attention to the appropriate dosage of cleaning and washing agents. Furthermore, we pay attention to the use of reusable products.
  • Focus on sustainable and healthy nutrition.
  • When shopping, attention is paid to the reduction of plastic packaging.
  • Purchase of paper with blue angel.
  • Saving on table linen and thus resources for cleaning through new, beautiful wooden tables.
  • and much more

In addition, numerous other steps are about to be implemented

I was born an environmental lover. My big, beautiful mother nature has always been very close to my heart. I have always felt a great gratitude for everything she gives us every day and for the happiness I feel when I can move on her back. When I was 13, I bought two trees in the Hainburger Au with my first pocket money - at that time 5 Austrian shillings - to prevent the construction of the power plant there. I want to do absolutely everything I can to contribute to ensuring that generations to come will still be able to admire their splendour. We are now all trying our best together. Everything is going too slowly for me, but I know: a steady drop wears away the stone!

Daniela Pfefferkorn
- on her intention behind the sustainability concepts at the "Goldener Berg"

For us, environmental protection is not just a matter of course, but the attitude from which we run the business and encounter our counterparts. Healthy nutrition, to name one example, has an infinite number of aspects. On the one hand, it is about feeling good in one's own body, on the other hand, farmers in the region are supported in their small-scale operations, the animals are guaranteed a good life, we support the plant diversity in the Vorarlberg mountains and our employees have a good feeling when cooking.

All this is just a small excerpt from our concept. See for yourself - click here for a non-binding enquiry and your personal Mountain Happiness Time on the "Goldener Berg".