Events at the Arlberg - January to April

freedom | 01/14/2019

The current winter is strong. He wraps Vorarlberg in a thick blanket of snow and let us feel an archaic connection to nature. It is challenging, but also provides peace. When it's cold and dark outside, we automatically spend more time inside.

Inside not just meant as our home. We love to use the leisurely time to devote ourselves to ourselves.
We light candles, brighten the rooms with fragrant incense, grab new books and take our time.


In addition, we are planning the coming year. Full of anticipation, we highlight dates in the calendar that are important to us.

The White Ring - The Race

The event is celebrating its 14th birthday! A 22-kilometer route and 5,500 meters of altitude need to be mastered - the route is considered the "longest ski circuit in the world". The course record is held by Patrick Ortlieb, who finished the race after a time of 44:35:07. Exciting - for participants and spectators!
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The Tanzcafè am Arlberg - music festival

The sun terraces and bars in and around Lech will be released in the first two weeks of April for swing, boogie, nu-jazz, big band and much more! Top musicians from different genres provide unforgettable hours in a unique atmosphere! In the Goldener Berg: The Speakeasies' Swing Band: Tuesday, 09.04.2019 14:00
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Rüfi 900

In the Rüfi 900 athletes master 960 meters of altitude with an average incline of 78%. The legendary "Long Train" is defeated - for participants and spectators a top event!
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Wine gondolas

The gondolas of the Auenfeldjet are transformed into an extraordinary setting - a unique wine tasting takes place! The visitors look forward to first-class winemakers from Austria and traditional delicacies. An alpine treat!
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It would be an honor for us to welcome you in the Goldener Berg
- experience together with us an exciting, wintry time!

Winter warmth

With burning lips,
under ice blue sky,
through the glittering morning,
in my garden,
I breath, cold sun, you a song.

All trees seem to bloom;
from the ripe rough branches
your spring wind brushes
shimmering little flakes down,
as it were spring delusion work;
thank you!

Hanging on my roof edge
Icicles next to cones,
rigid; they start to melt.
Drops on drops flashes,
each one incomparable to the other,
to my heart.

Poem: Freely interpreted after Richard Dehmel (1863 - 1920), Richard Fedor Leopold Dehmel, German poet, poet, dramatist and children's book author
Pictures: (c) Lech For Tourism by Sepp Mallaun, Christoph Schoech, Kiristin Tödtling, Florian Lechner