Good Vibes Only from Leela Clarissa Pruckner - Life Coach

- happiness - | 03/12/2024

I grew up as the second-born twin with three other siblings. We always had a lot going on: my mum worked and my dad was often out and about. So I learnt early on to be subordinate and to support my mother as best I could - with cleaning, bringing up the children and so on.

My self-esteem was practically non-existent. I learnt early on that I would only be loved if I was there for others and suppressed my own needs.

I enjoyed painting, drawing, crafting, dressing up, playing with animals and plants, dancing... together with my twin sister and my younger siblings.

It made me happy when I could make my often overworked mum laugh. From an early age, I had a longing to be happy and wanted to know what life was really about and what there was still to discover.

So I began my path of self-awareness at the age of 15 and attended my first seminars.

I wanted to learn ballet from an early age, but it seemed impossible. Who would have taken me to ballet lessons? I certainly didn't want to burden my mum anymore. We also lived on a mountain... The years passed and then I was given the gift of having a daughter who also loved dancing and wanted to start ballet lessons at the age of 4. Now she is 14 years old, has been dancing for 10 years and takes lessons several times a week. I always looked on proudly, but also with a touch of melancholy, because when I was young I didn't have the opportunity to learn ballet.

I pinned a ballet shoe tag to my vision board. And lo and behold, after a few months I "accidentally" found out in conversation with my daughter's modern dance teacher that she also offers ballet lessons for adults once a week, including pointe training. My mind was working overtime: You're already 53 years old, is that reasonable? Are you possibly hurting yourself? But my heart was calling me and the voice of my inner child was screaming loudly: Sign up!

That's why I've been dancing ballet for a few months now and have also been training on pointe for a few weeks. I am so happy and full of joie de vivre that I took this step! I feel deep gratitude, also towards my body, that it is willing to do this.

Leela Clarissa Pruckner, Life Coach from Graz