Mountain Selfcare at Goldener Berg - Pure Energy, Powerful Being & Deep Relaxation in Summer 2021

sweets | 06/22/2021

Oberlech is a power place. You can measure this in Bovis - but if you take a moment of attention when you arrive, you will feel this power in every cell of your body. Daniela Pfefferkorn, host of Goldener Berg, is placing the holiday in summer and autumn 2021 under the special theme of "Mountain Selfcare". It is about health, strengthening the immune system and the unity of body and mind.

For more than 25 years, Daniela Pfefferkorn has focused on mindfulness, health and awareness. She is a child of the mountains - having grown up in the climatic health resort of Lech. She inherited her affinity for healthy eating from her mother - and so regional products, mindful preparation and healthy eating methods characterise what is on offer at the 4-star hotel on the Arlberg.

Daniela Pfefferkorn is an animal and human energeticist and life coach. With different treatment methods, she supports humans and animals on their way to more health and well-being. She likes to share her extensive knowledge and loving gift with guests and friends at Goldener Berg.

Individual paths to happiness

Alpine bathing. One word, endless possibilities. Immerse yourself in a world of peace and power. Sit by a crystal-clear mountain stream, let a tree over a hundred years old tell you about life, or walk slowly through the path of the senses. Body, mind and soul come into harmony. Happy hormones are released, the wonderful feeling of boundless freedom meets grounding and reorientation. As individual as our guests are, so individual are our approaches. And so we have decided on the following pillars as part of the Mountain Selfcare programme:

1. exercise in the fresh air

Yoga, golf, hiking, cycling or swimming. The alpine landscape offers the perfect setting for gentle training sessions. Your body cells rejoice in the exercise and the crystal-clear mountain air and happiness hormones flood your system.

2. awareness of the beauty of nature

The simple. The clear. The beautiful. The magic of nature enchants us - if we take the time to engage with it. When we experience the forest and the mountains with all our senses, we feel gentle grounding and a wonderful sense of "coming home".

3. healthy nutrition

"Healthy eating" is individually adapted. There is no patent remedy. Only recipes to feel good! Whether alkaline, ketogenic, vegan, vegetarian or classic - our chef will pamper you to the hilt with "plant-based alpine cuisine"!

4. personal self-care advisors

Energetics, life coaches and companions - this summer we have invited a wide variety of people to advise and accompany our guests individually. Massages and energetic treatments are available as well as exciting impulses and the space for transformative conversations.

5. wellness in the Alpine Spa

Pure relaxation. Do something good for your body. Follow your inner voice. Activity and relaxation, warmth and refreshment await you in the Alpine Spa. Immerse yourself and let the feeling of well-being envelop you!

We will be back for you from 25 June. We look forward to seeing you!

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