Environmental protection & sustainability during your holiday

peace | 06/15/2023

Together for the nature

We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Vorarlberg is a true jewel of nature. Deeply snow-covered in winter, wonderfully alive in spring, characterized by fragrant alpine meadows in summer and full of rich colors in autumn. People from all over the world have always been attracted by the magic of this region. The love for our homeland goes hand in hand with a natural sense of responsibility for the preservation of this uniqueness. We approach nature with an attitude of honor and respect, and incorporate sustainability as a very significant factor in our hotel concepts. How these implementations look in detail, we reveal in today's blog article.

Our measures for sustainability during your vacation

Enjoyable and with a good conscience - the credo of our culinary concepts runs through all areas of our business management. We are constantly working on improvements and renewals and are flexible and open to modern innovations. The following measures have already been implemented or are in concrete planning:

  • ongoing certification process for the European ECO seal
  • ständig neue Nachhaltigkeitskonzepte, die am letzten Stand der Erkenntnisse sind
  • constantly new sustainability concepts that are at the cutting edge of knowledge
  • use of organic and regional products
  • focus on fresh tap water instead of water from plastic bottles
  • well thought-out energy concepts, including regular maintenance of the equipment
  • concepts against waist of water
  • professional waste management concepts
  • environmentally certified products
  • e-charging stations for cars at the hotel
  • and much more

How our guests are able to support us

To preserve the beauty of our nature together - we have summarized some tips on how you can easily support us during your vacation. Because the climate and the earth are issues that affect all of us and because every awareness counts! Here are possible suggestions on how to save resources:

  • turning off the main switch when leaving the room
  • paying attention to water consumption when showering and brushing teeth
  • 10 minutes of shock ventilation instead of tilting windows and doors
  • regulation of heating when the temperature is too high
  • waste separation according to our concepts
  • deliberate the need of towel changes
  • mindful movement in nature


How nice it is, being able to take steps for the earth together. 

Our extra: a special for those arriving without a car

We would like to add a little extra on top. Guests arriving by public transport will receive a free yoga lesson.

We are happy to help you plan a stress-free journey to car-free Oberlech.
 At  www.oebb.at you will find timetables, prices and the possibility to reserve tickets.


We look forward to welcoming you - to a wonderful summer in the mountains!