Winter at Goldener Berg - Of glittering anticipation, clear dreams and great offers

| 09/24/2020

At Hotel Goldener Berg, at an altitude of over 1.700 metres, the first thoughts of winter are knocking on the door. For us, winter is the time of retreat and darkness - a deeply feminine quality. But it is also a time of clarity, peace and relaxation and enjoyment. We love winter - on some days thick snowflakes dance from the sky and we enjoy nestled in the crackling fireplace. And on other days the sun shines from the sky and we enjoy pure, alpine joie de vivre on the slopes and in our deck chairs. Winter is calling!

A special winter in a special time - a holiday at Goldener Berg

Even before "keeping distance" was on everyone's lips, we focused on "looking at each other", "soul hygiene" and "freedom & space" at Goldener Berg.

Especially in difficult times, our surrounding mountain world shares its power, strength and size with us - and so it is practically not difficult to keep our distance. The crystal-clear air, the unique beauty and the perceptible calm allow us to take a deep breath. Everyone, in their own area of well-being - and yet with the feeling of closeness and connection with like-minded people.

In the hotel, our highly trained staff and a sophisticated concept ensure that you feel good as usual. Put yourself in our hands and trust us - we will do everything we can in the coming winter, to ensure that you return home strengthened, happy and relaxed .

Snow dreams and winter themes

The power of winter lies in retreat - in rest. For many people this time is demanding - then it is important to take personal responsibility and to actively do something to be able to use the quality of time for yourself. We have packed some "winter themes" into package offers and thus offer the space for pure well-being.

  • Romantic christmas in the mountains
  • Family January Special
  • Me Treat - Winter
  • Golden Moments
  • Yoga & Alpine bathing
  • Free skiing
  • Holiday with the dog
  • And many, many more. It's worth taking a look!

The taste of winter - stay healthy!

We love to perceive winter with all our senses. What does winter smell like to you? What does it taste like? How do snowflakes feel on your face? For us, pure WINTER-FEELING is for example a nice, hot cup of CHAI LATTE. A real feel-good drink, which, by the way, is also super healthy!

Chai tea has its origins in Ayurvedic cuisine and has found its way into western kitchens and living rooms in a modified form due to its great taste.


Our favourite recipe with almond milk:

  • 5 teaspoons black tea
  • 1 teaspoon cardamom
  • 0,5 tsp cloves
  • 0,5 tsp pepper
  • 1 stick of cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon aniseed
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 l boiling water
  • 100 ml almond milk


  1. Finely grind all the spices and mix them with the black tea.
  2. Pour boiled water over it and let it steep for five minutes.
  3. Warm the almond milk and mix with honey.
  4. Now fill the glasses half with tea and half with the almond milk. And finally a pinch of cinnamon.

Make the most of the coming time to do the things that this season brings with it. Enjoy cosy evenings, cold days and heartwarming hours of sunshine with all your senses.

Dear winter, we are looking forward to you.

Dear readers, we are looking forward to you.