2022 I will ... Of PRE-sentences, "good" and "bad" habits and the art of staying with oneself

| 11/25/2021

The turn of the year is just around the corner. An occasion that inspires many people to take stock.
About the last year, about life, about oneself. And almost at the same time you realise what should have been done better.
Less of this, more of that, no more of this and from now on forever, every day, this.
No sooner have you started than the cycle of evaluations takes its course.

One plans, one regrets, one resolves. One focuses on the future or on the
- wherever past - wherever, but not on the present. Yes, of course it would be
would be better if we ate healthier, exercised more and lived a more stress-reduced and conscious life.
But wouldn't it already be enough if we took a short moment for US for now?

When was the last time you asked your body what it wanted to eat? Or if it needs a break?
Or how far it wants to run? Are we blinded, deafened by the information overload we often experience
in the modern world? world, have we become blind, deaf and almost numb to ourselves?

We are taking on just one thing for 2022:

We will listen to ourselves more and more and more. Give space to our needs.
Nourish our fire that burns full of passion within us.

Pay attention to your body during the following lines. Give your workaholic mind
a short time out and notice what your body responds to lovingly and full of anticipation:


  • crystal clear mountain air
  • perfect slopes
  • deep sleep in trouble-free, cosy favourite rooms
  • in-depth support from different coaches and trainers
  • a holiday at an altitude of over 1,700 metres - high above the things of everyday life
  • a cup of tea - with a mountain panorama
  • an eagle circling high in the mountains
  • being snuggled up - in a fluffy bathrobe when thick snowflakes dance from the sky
  • touching massages in the spa area
  • culinary temptations
  • walking with the dog through the snowy landscape
  • pure comfort - especially when it is storming and snowing outside
  • stimulating conversations with inspiring people from near and far
  • the spirit of Christmas in the Vorarlberg mountains
  • time to relax
  • unforgettable encounters in and with nature
  • Selfcare - undisturbed and free
  • joint weekly programme
  • mental and physical support
  • skiing on perfect slopes
  • Space for me
  • fresh air cure in the Alps
  • and much, much more

You are now welcome to write your own personal list of PREFERENCES. As an introduction we would suggest:

  1.     I am patient and kind with myself from now on.
  2.     I do not shape my life according to PRE-sentences, but focus on the NOW moment.
    A moment that will not return and that deserves to be enjoyed.
  3.     I take some time each day to do things that make me shine. These include:

Now write down at least 15 activities that inspire you, that you love or that make you deeply relax.
Things that simply make you feel good.


And now, be proud of yourself that you have personally chosen yourself as the most important person
for a short time and that you are doing something for yourself. Keep it up.

All the best from the Golden Mountain!


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