Alpine bathing in the Goldener Berg

love | 06/26/2024

Sensory mountain experiences

Forest bathing is now on everyone's lips. Quiet, mindful experiences in nature have been proven to increase well-being and can strengthen health. (Forest bathing is a health experience from Japan that is thousands of years old. It has been medically proven how healthy mindful movement in the forest is, where you absorb the scents, flavours and wonders of the forest into your body and energy system. But it also stimulates the senses, promotes mobility and allows the body's cells to absorb the silence - the pulse rate is significantly reduced) At our hotel, guests experience this feeling of connection with the earth in an even greater dimension. During alpine bathing, the mountains become companions and create unforgettable impressions that touch the heart. Alone or together with our coaches and yoginis - immerse yourself in a world of pure relaxation and letting go - a place of power and summit happiness!

Alpine bathing - step by step through the mountains

Alpine bathing puts you as a person at the centre. You rest within yourself, are connected with the earth, the landscape, the universe. The mountains create silent admirers - their quiet presence allows you to recharge your batteries and wander into the distance. On holiday, you finally have time. Extensive tours and relaxing yoga sessions fill the hours. Experiences that create unforgettable memories. Programme items that bring body, mind and soul into harmony. Alpine bathing centres on the connection between the individual and all that is. You smell, taste and touch the marvellous nature around you. Through a breathing meditation at the beginning, experiencing different surfaces barefoot on our sensory path, in the meadow and sending your thoughts with the clouds and a meditation in the very spiritual Skyspace, you will re-root yourself deeply with your own being - our great mother and at the same time with the universe. Guided by our therapists, you will empty your mind and find peace and quiet with slow, gentle and conscious movements along the mountain path.

Alpine bathing is also the little thing. Short. Built into everyday life. Consciously take time to experience the landscape with all your senses. Just a few minutes in the fresh air will make you feel relaxed and at ease. It's not about how many steps you take. It's about the impressions, the letting go, the softening.

This feeling of having arrived in yourself, in the mountains, in this world.
The feeling of home - that and much more is Alpenbaden for us.The feeling of finding home within yourself again.Let our coaches and guides accompany you and introduce you to the world of Alpenbaden!

Sensual mountain experiences - slowing down in the Goldener Berg

The experiences in the fresh mountain air are rounded off by the offers in the Goldener Berg. After the renovation in spring 2024, new rooms for pure well-being and enjoyment await you. Spa, culinary delights, living, being active and relaxing - treat yourself to me-time at its finest. With people who are hosts with all their heart! New rooms for even better immersion in the Longevity Programme of the Golden Energy Mountain. With healthy cuisine, treatments, conscious movement, treatments that unblock the flow of energy in the body, coaching sessions to break free from restrictive belief structures and energy medicine to heal on a spiritual level. Everything you need to live a long and healthy life.

More about our philosophy …

Golden mountain summer - #peaceful summer

Peace. Peace. The feeling of "Everything is good, just as it is". The feeling of: I can live exactly as I am. Book your personal favourite room as part of the #peaceful summer package and let yourself be pampered from head to toe. In addition to the pampering session including a sumptuous breakfast, afternoon snacks and dinner, you can enjoy massages, yoga sessions, the Alpine Spa, a varied relaxation programme and much more.

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Your resting place is waiting for you. Are you ready for unforgettable summer days in the mountains?

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