Detox water – to make you feel beautiful and great

dream | 08/13/2018

In summer especially water keeps us young, healthy, and fit. Drinking plenty keeps us in tune with the rhythm of the seasons, and the biological ingredients of it help your body in its detoxification, cell cleansing and healing processes.

Clear, fresh water from an Alpine mountain spring, a source of life.

Some recipes for healthy, tasty detox – water:

People generally like to choose lemons as these are very suitable for flushing out various toxins from the body. Mint helps stimulate digestion, cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties, ginger promotes digestion and reduces pain, whilst melon and rasberry in jars are just as healthy as they are beautiful.

Mix 300 ml of water with 2 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp maple syrup, a knife’s point of cayenne pepper, and a pinch of salt. Pour on 100 ml of green tea and drink hot or cold.

Peppermint meets grapefruit
For cleansing your kidneys, stimulating digestion, and smoothing your skin.
Take half a lemon, half a lime, and half a grapefruit, cut into slices, put add to half a litre of water with half a sliced cucumber (with skin), 1 tsp freshly ground ginger and a handful of fresh peppermint leaves. Serve with ice cubes.

Health with dandelion
There is no such thing as a weed. Nettles, dandelion, and ribwort have a bad reputation, but you can make a powerful dandelion tea by mixing them with a litre of water, 2 tbsp cranberries, and 2 tbsp lemon juice. Recommended especially in spring.

Antistress detox water
Clear your body from clutter, reduce stress. Mix 5 strawberries, a handful of sliced pineapple (stimulates blood circulation), 2 tsp apple vinegar, 4 leaves of fresh basil (combats free radicals and is a source of magnesium good for the heart) and some ice, and let it stand in water for some time in the fridge.

Anti-hangover detox water
Fill a large jug of water with some raspberries, a sliced grapefruit, cucumber, pears some fresh mint. Alternatively, you can use lemon, lime, blueberries, and cranberries. The drink promotes metabolism, helps burn fat, and flushes out toxins.

Fat burner detox water
Apple vinegar is a true miracle worker in every diet. Combined with lemon, cinnamon, and Apple and sweetened a little, it is a true hero!

Good vibes detox water
A glass of fresh water at breakfast with lemon, ginger, and raspberries sweeten the day. The drink helps protect your body from the uptake of toxins and prevents deposits of harmful substances.

Of course, the drinks can also be drunk hot, ideally approximately 36° so that the body doesn’t need to heat up the water at all. Hot drinks relax muscles and nerves in a natural way, the digestive system is supported, and you generally feel better.

Be healthy, feel great. At the Goldener Berg.